LSI SAS 9300 - 8i SATA&SAS Host Bus Adapter Support ?

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Hello guys,


I wondering if there will be support for the


LSI SAS 9300 - 8i SATA & SAS Host Bus Adapter ?


I couldn't find it in the supported hardware list.


any help greatly appreciated!





Don't know for sure but my guess is it is supported. If not, LT has been quick to add drivers for HBAs that emerge that are not supported if requested to do so.

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LSI is a very big maker of HBA and RAID cards. I am not aware of any that are not supported. Without trying a specific one, no one could say with certainty it will work. But I'd say the chances of it working are in the high 90s.


Are you sure you searched the forums? Model sounds familiar.

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As Brian (bjp999) noted, it's fairly likely that the card is already supported, as LSI controllers are VERY common.  And if you happen to get it and find out it's not, a simple e-mail to Tom will almost certainly result in a driver for it via return e-mail and it will be supported in the next UnRAID version  :)




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how easy is it to update a driver on Linux ?

it is not that easy on unRAID since it is a minimal RAM based OS and including a new driver often involves rebuilding the kernel from source and the base install does not include the relevant tools.  That is why most people prefer to get LimeTech to include drivers for the commonest hardware.  However to keep 'bloat' down drivers are only included when there is a perceived need for them.

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This is a really old thread, with several problems listed, about what was then an unknown card, and using unRAID v5.  It's not clear which problem you are referring to.  Please start a new thread, in this board if you are running v5, or in the General Support (V6) board if you are running v6, and provide more detail about your problem.  If on v6, please read Need help? Read me first!, and include the diagnostics zip.  If on v5, see the Troubleshooting link in my signature, and include your syslog (and consider Upgrading to UnRAID v6 for better card support).

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