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  1. Interesting. I don't use WMC in a VM, but I have noted that my two servers using older hardware have slower disk performance on the v6.5 versions relative to previous versions, so this may account for the stuttering. Unrelated to that, but a side note for anyone using WMC (or contemplating it) … the discussions earlier in this thread r.e. when the guide will expire are still relevant (i.e. I'd expect the most likely date will be on expiration of Windows 8.1 support, since the guide updates aren't OS-dependent) -- but since the discussions on this thread the development of an alternative guide [ http://epg123.garyan2.net/ ] has progressed to where it's very stable, and it uses guide data from Schedules Direct, which is not likely to go away anytime soon … so this should allow WMC's effective life to extend well beyond the support end dates for W7 and W8.
  2. You could, of course, simply drop one in your array and use it … if it fails it's no big deal assuming you have a parity protected array (even less of an issue if you're using dual parity). However, current drives easily achieve 5TB (and higher) without reverting to SMR technology, so I'd be more inclined to just get a new drive if you need the added capacity. My most recent array has a dozen 8TB HGST drives that work great.
  3. garycase

    Thinking about the E-2186G....

    My first build was an Altair 8080 in 1975 😊. I built several 8080 and Z80 based systems in the late 70's, and a LOT of others since then. I've had a couple of systems that had similar frustrations to what you just went through, but it's been a LOT of years since those issues. In any event, glad you've got this (finally) resolved !!
  4. garycase

    Thinking about the E-2186G....

    Hopefully the video issue is the board and not a defective 2176G !! With your luck to this point I'd keep my fingers crossed 😊
  5. garycase

    Thinking about the E-2186G....

    Sure hope they're shipping the 2176G by March --- that's when I plan to build my next system and I REALLY want to use that in a setup very similar to what you're put together.
  6. garycase

    Thinking about the E-2186G....

    Perhaps fate intends for you to settle for 4 cores 😊 … This is definitely frustrating. The 2174G is a superb processor; but when you want its 6-core big brother, that's what you should get !! As I'm sure you know, the 2174G actually has better per/core processing power than the 2176G -- but with only 4 cores it has less overall power. It's really surprising that two different vendors have now shipped the wrong chip. Is Intel miss-labeling the packaging??
  7. garycase

    Thinking about the E-2186G....

    You can, of course, have all of that -- you just need to step up to the datacenter-class E5's and supporting motherboards 😊 There is, of course, a more-than-modest price differential to do that !! You can build a very nice E2176G based system for the price of the CPU alone of a high-end Xeon E5.
  8. garycase

    Thinking about the E-2186G....

    True … but for my needs the E2176G is plenty "impressive" ==> PassMark over 14,000 (14409 to be precise); 6 cores; IGP; ECC support; and all that performance in an 80w TDP package. I plan to build a new system in February … and it'll almost certainly be E2176G based.
  9. garycase

    Thinking about the E-2186G....

    This IS depressing 😊 But hopefully it'll be well worth the wait … as I noted earlier, the performance of an 8700k, lower TDP, and ECC support … what's not to like ??
  10. Actually what you wrote in your description was "RAM: 16GB Kingston 8GB ECC KVR16E11/8" I noticed the 8GB ECC … I'm not sure what it actually means as you wrote it -- do you have mixed ECC/non-ECC RAM ?? (a bad idea) As for what graphics card -- it depends very much on what you want to do with it. Assuming your happy with the graphics performance of your current desktop, I'd be sure you buy a card with at least as much "horsepower" as your current card. There are a lot of different benchmarks for these -- I'd tend to just use the GPU PassMark to compare cards [ https://www.videocardbenchmark.net/gpu_list.php ]
  11. Your server's E-1230v3 has a Passmark of 9324, and your i7-3820 scores 9000, so the VM could potentially have effectively the same CPU "horsepower" as your current system, depending on what else was going on at the same time in your server. However, your main PC has 16GB of RAM, and your server only has 8GB -- not all of which can be assigned to the VM -- so you'd need to bump up the server's memory a good bit if you wanted to assign an equivalent amount of RAM to your VM. I'd probably increase the server RAM to 32GB. Finally, you'll also need a pass-thru video card with sufficient power to match what you have now in the main PC … which you didn't mention. As to whether it's a good idea or not to do this -- in general I'd say wait until you're actually ready to upgrade your main PC before doing this … the cost of doing all the upgrades is likely a lot more than what you'd get for the 3rd gen PC.
  12. garycase

    Thinking about the E-2186G....

    Certainly doesn't speak well for their shipping quality control that they sent the WRONG processor !! I hope they at least sent you a pre-paid label to return the incorrect processor. It does sound like you're at least CLOSE to actually getting one of these chips … hopefully you can put it all together while you're having a turkey feast next week 😊
  13. garycase

    Thinking about the E-2186G....

    FedEx needs a fleet of snowmobiles 😊
  14. garycase

    Unraid OS version 6.6.5 available

    Runs fine on my trusty old D525, but still adds ~ 2 1/2 hrs to parity checks, so it's back to 6.5.3 for that trusty old system. The last few parity checks … (the 2 really long ones were when I tried 6.6.3 and now 6.6.5) 2018-11-11, 18:55:19 15 hr, 11 min, 23 sec54.8 MB/sOK0 2018-11-10, 21:18:08 17 hr, 37 min, 11 sec47.3 MB/sOK0 2018-10-25, 14:08:37 15 hr, 13 min, 32 sec54.7 MB/sOK0 2018-10-24, 20:31:59 17 hr, 52 min46.7 MB/sOK0 2018-10-01, 17:40:00 15 hr, 10 min, 12 sec54.9 MB/sOK0 Note that this system used to take less than 8 hrs for a parity check on v5.
  15. garycase

    X7SPA-HF-D525 Build

    That's still very good. My D525 setup (no cache, temp-controlled fan) idles right at 20w … but for the additional power an extra 16 watts is clearly meaningless. [16w 24/7 => 140kwh/year => ~ $28/yr at the US avg of $0.20/kwh Somehow I don't think that's amount that you'll notice 😊