[Feature Request] Scripts on Docker install/remove and start/stop

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I don't know if this is somehow possible. But if it is, I would like the possibility to execute unRAID side bash scripts when installing/uninstalling a docker and when starting/stopping a docker.


When for example creating a FTP docker, one needs to use host networking, so the required active/passive ports are exposed. If the ftp daemon inside the docker uses the default port 21, it clashes with unRAIDs internal ftp server. So it would be nice, if such a docker could disable the internal ftp server on starting of the docker one.


Also it would be nice to access unraids passwd file from the docker, without having to mount the /etc from unraid. The file or parts of it could be copied on start of the docker to the dockers config folder and read from there.


These are just some use cases I would need for a working ProFTPd docker, but I imagine other docker authors would like such functionality, for their dockers too. I would like a discussion if this is a needed feature and if it is possible to implement. :)




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