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[Closed]Unraid with ESXI plugin or standalone?


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Thread isn't relevant anymore as beta 15 of unraid 6 has a built in VM manager.


EDIT: The reason this is in the hardware section is due to potentially buying new hardware built to run the virtual machines and more ram. If it's worth using ESXI this way I'll buy better gear.



I am currently building my unraid server as a standalone storage server that'll run multiple plugins such as plex, untorrent, and teamspeak server, however I read that having unraid also virtualize makes it even more efficient in what it can do and for my use it'd make sense.


What is everyone's opinion on running unraid with docker + esxi plugin for my entire network? I may want to run some somewhat-high I/O on it such as a Minecraft server and want to make sure it is stable and stays up 24/7.


Is there also a way to keep this type of system up 24/7 as a HA configuration? If it's going to handle everything going HA makes more sense (high availability).


As far as configuration should I invest in something like a 500GB intel 730 or 480GB 850 evo and dump my VMs/docker on that and use it as a cache or go another route?


How can I handle rSync with running VMs? I'm going to want them backed up and don't want to keep taking it down.


Hardware specs (basic - detailed list on request):




1.35v 2x4GB ECC ram

Norco-4224 (Currently going 21 data drives, 1 cache ssd, 1 warm spare, 1 parity. All HDDs 4TB Reds.)


I am willing to invest in 32GB+ of ram if needed and a xeon. I'm curious what everyone's opinions on all of this is as I may be able to return my CPU and get my $120 back.

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