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OOM Kills - Time for V6?

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I'm currently running v5.0.5 with 8GB RAM and I'm getting OOM kills.  Since my free memory never seems to go very low (counting cache as free) then I assume it is probably due to low memory running out.  I'm considering just moving to V6 since from what I've read low memory is irreverent (and memory in general - over 3 or so GB is handled in a much more straight-forward way since there is no PAE).  The source of the kills seems to be MySQL (5.5.28); the only thing MySQL is being used for is a KODI database that at the time of these kills would have been accessed by 1 client or possibly not at all. I'm posting the relevant log snips below and the mysql config file (which I think is quite conservative).  I'm basically looking for opinions as to whether upgrading to V6 would likely solve this problem and whether it is relatively safe to do so.  I realize this it is beta software and there is some risk involved with that but it seems many people are using it successfully and V5 is not without its issues.


Syslog snip showing 3 consecutive OOM kills http://pastebin.com/N9kdY2fu

MySQL config file http://pastebin.com/ipy971LD


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