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  1. Ok, so where's Red Dwarf then?
  2. I would recommend disabling any ad blockers when accessing the unraid web interface. I have had problems in the past with this.
  3. Another long shot, have you tried booting EFI?
  4. Based on what was happening with the Sqlite databases, could this have caused corruption in other files on the array?
  5. On 6.8rc1 I am still seeing writes starve reads. I' wondering if these parameters are an issue for me since other have reported that 6.8rc1 has solved the problem for them.
  6. Thank you for that. I'm hoping someone can chime in on the remaining parameters.
  7. is there any guidance available for MD tunables on version 6.8rc1? Does the size or number of discs or system memory affect what the best values would be? In the presence of very high I/O I still have some performance issues and I would like to see if any of the parameters can be adjusted to mitigate that.
  8. Now that we presumably know the source of the corruption do we know if any other type of data would have been affected? Do we know what type of disk activity would have resulted in corruption?
  9. It looks like it's from the Netdata Docker container.
  10. Just wanted to chime in. I've always had my Docker image and configs on the cache drive and never experienced this issue. I've been on 6.7.2 since its release and used most of not all of the affected versions.
  11. No, but that is one of the things he'd like to attempt if he connects it to a monitor in order to do the BIOS upgrade. I would strongly discourage overclocking ANY server let alone one where heat may already be an issue WITHOUT overclocking.
  12. I would definitely update the BIOS. There are a lot of changes/fixes that can be made in the BIOS code which could affect your problem. I WOULD NOT OVERCLOCK ***** ESPECIALLY IF YOU SUSPECT HEAT IS AN ISSUE -NOW- *****
  13. Have you considered upgrading you MB BIOS? The diagnostics you posted show you are running version 0402 dated 06/13/17 and version 1902 dated 07/19/2019 is available.
  14. Do you know if your power supply is properly sized and healthy? I've had problems in the past that would only appear during a parity check (all drives spinning) because the power supply was of the proper capacity but had become weak over time and didn't have any noticeable issues until it had a higher load on it.
  15. You should probably post a proper diagnostics file rather than just the syslog. Looking at the syslog, something is your system seems to be causing a crash and may be related, I'll leave that to others to analyze. As far as the fans, one possible reason is, as you may know, these servers are designed to be used with the vendor's (in this case HP) certified storage devices. If you are using any normal off-the-shelf drives then it is possible that the system cannot read the drive temperature from the device and will run the fans at high speed as a result. If this is the case you may be seeing some kind of complaint during POST.