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  1. 闪迪U盘没有问题,但一定要严格按照要求制作启动盘才行。
  2. YES. I just did it. But I cannot passthrough physical HDD in ZFS to the VM. How about you? I boot it on USB drive.
  3. 大家好,新人一个。 折腾了一段时间,发现UNRAID其实真的好用,所以想把以前的TRUENAS移到UNRAID下的VM中,真正做到ALL IN ONE。 有人能帮忙吗?先谢过。 目前的进度是:TRUENAS的虚拟机运行起来了,可以从U盘启动了,网卡也直通了。就差POOL了。 问题:因是用以前的TRUENAS,所以想把以前的硬盘也直通进来,但都是ZFS格式的,UNRAID系统不认,Unassigned Devices也不能安装ZFS磁盘。虽然安装了ZFS插件,但需要命令行运行,也没有详细的说明,所以无从下手。 我的想法很简单,只要能用ZFS把硬盘安装进去,就大功告成了。这样就会保留以前硬盘上的数据。但真的不会弄了。 会的朋友请伸个援手。谢谢。
  4. 刚刚发现,其实可以用U盘启动的。不要主盘,在下面选用U盘就可以做启动盘了。我刚试过,不过还没有添加其他盘。
  5. I want to transfer my truenas run in a computer to VM of unRAID so the computer can be used to do more things than truenas. In order to keep the nas data the disks must be used in the VM. I found it's a hard work to mount the nas disks into unRAID. After ZFS plugin installed I found it does not work in web but in command line. So I be made crazy. Can I go forward ? As I think, at first, I mount the disks into the system so it works in the VM, then backup the pool of nas, the nas works. But I am not sure would the ZFS command do this or not ? If so, how?
  6. In fact, you are right if use the virtual disks in VM. But I want use physical disks including the USB boot drive in my VM of truenas that can educe the consumption of host resources. So the physical disks in ZFS must be un-arraied and sent to the VM of truenas by straightforward way. Maybe the unraid kernel would not need to support the ZFS but the disk sysytem must support it.
  7. OK. I reinstalled the ZFS-plugin. I found the command zfs works now. I do it. Thanks.
  8. yes for i have the file but the zfs comand not work.
  9. I mean what to do for ZFS-plugin?
  10. I mean the system time is correct. And what to do next?