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V.6: RAM recommendation

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How much RAM would you recommend to run V. 6 fluidly while also running these 3 apps:

- Sabnzbd

- Sickrage

- Transmission


BTW, the cpu is a i5.



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I'm running Sab, Sickbeard, and Plex in 8GB and it's doing fine.  I'd be willing to try at 4GB but think that 2GB would be iffy.

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I am actually running the above mentioned with 4Gb but 3.7 Gb are constantly used which leaves only a little more for extra tasks such as Unrar or repairs.

So you're saying 8Gb is good. Enough or 16Gb would be even better?

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I ran more applications than that with 2gig of ram while testing. 4gig is plenty. My server with 7 dockers running is using 1.6gig of ram for unRAID and the applications.


I don't know where you're reading your memory usage but the dashboard includes the ram being used for read/write caching so it's not showing the ram truly in use.

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