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  1. unRAID will work with either consumer or server grade (Xeon) hardware. You can base your choice on cost and features.
  2. Don't buy 1155 hardware at this point. Virtually any modern setup can run unRAID, and would be much more future proof.
  3. Since unRAID provides a hypervisor it usually runs on bare metal. Plex usually runs best as a Docker but can run in a VM.
  4. Can you still find the PC-Q25b? I haven't seen it for sale recently in the US... I'd go with at least 8GB.
  5. tdallen

    new intel cpu

    Hi - You'd be moving from 4 cores to 6 cores, so that would be somewhat better. It seems like you are pushing things pretty hard, though - you might want to consider the Core i7.
  6. While you could certainly optimize hardware and OS options to extract the nth degree of performance, over the long term I think the cost of maintain two technology stacks would outweigh any benefits.
  7. Hi - If you want to reuse that memory, you'll have to stay with Haswell (LGA 1150) era hardware, i.e. a Core i5, Core i7, or equivalent Xeon (I'm not sure if your current setup has or supports ECC). At this point you'll have go to with whatever you can find available as Haswell (LGA 1150) is several generations old. Both ASRock and Supermicro motherboards have been used extensively with unRaid.
  8. I'm a little underwhelmed by the specs, but I need to do a build soon. How has this new family of CPUs (and their associated motherboards) worked out for you?
  9. I typically (not all the time but typically) saturate a 1 Gb/s link (i.e. write at 112 MB/s) when writing to unRAID, under the following conditions: Server isn't busy doing lots of stuff I'm writing one (or a couple) of large files rather than lots of small ones My array generally has larger, high density drives I'm bypassing cache, writing directly to the array Must use TurboWrite! I spend more on Starbucks K-cups than I spent on my unRAID license.
  10. Hi, some random thoughts: - The motherboard appears expensive? - The G4560 is suitable for a low end file server. - 8GB is suitable for a low end file server. - I'd imagine Kaby Lake hardware is nearing the end of its sales cycle. You'd want to be sure of the specs since in-place upgrades of CPU or memory will get harder, or require going to eBay.
  11. That's a fair amount of work. I'd try for 6 cores or better. There are several ways to do that these days, including both consumer and enterprise CPU's.
  12. I'd upgrade your drives, think about the space you'd have if you had 8TB drives...
  13. Thanks, this was a life-saver. I wasn't aware of the whole Sickrage issue until I found today that the UI had completely stopped working - so no way to backup and restore. At least this gets me to my library.