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  1. I'm currently trying to deal with the fact my server died mid-rebuild and completely borked Disk1 (now showing "Unmountable File System Present") and the Web UI is currently driving me to frustration. 80% of the time, I'm getting "Hmmm… can't reach this page. It looks like 192.168.XX.XX closed the connection" and then 20% of the time it works fine for a few minutes before crashing and burning again. I've tried 3 different laptops, a tablet, 2 phones and a PC and the behaviour is consistent. Also, my 2nd UnRaid server is behaving exactly as expected. I've attached the diagnostics, in case anyone has any suggestions?! tower-diagnostics-20200828-0806.zip
  2. Upgraded to 6.8 rc1 as directed, as others have stated - still getting the same error. Keyfile works fine. Trimming passphrase down doesn't work. Following the steps above provides no errors or feedback from the terminal but after does allow the array to mount 😎😎
  3. Earlier I nuked my 6.8 test box and created a new config, formatted the drives as encrypted and set a "new" passphrase (the same as before). I'm still getting the "Wrong Key!" error - and using a keyfile still fixes the issue, and show passphrase displays the expected characters. I've just repeated the same process, but this time removed any non alphanumeric characters and that works just fine... (the only non A-Z,a-z,0-9 char was an exclamation mark)
  4. Just checked and yes - the passphrase appears exactly as expected.
  5. My test box only has ! as a special character, with 4 Uppercase letters and 4 numbers - nothing else. Main server has only Upper, Lower, Numeric, !, " and £ in its passphrase. Both exhibit the same behaviour.
  6. Are you having an off day?! It's not the same in the slightest - I can enter a passphrase with a keyboard - I can't recreate a keyfile without another machine on the network (which, again, if someone will take the time to read - I DON'T HAVE).
  7. That won't work on my main server as the only machine on the network that can create a temp keyfile (to be deleted after successfully starting the array) is a VM on the server itself. If the keyfile is deleted and the server restarted - I'm back to square one - making a permanent keyfile (or making the passphrase less secure) the only feasible "workaround".
  8. And that is exactly how I constructed the passphrase. Using a keyfile on my main server is not an option and completely unacceptable - a permanent keyfile completely negates the point encryption, and when the system is down - there's no means to create the keyfile. Changing they passphrase to less secure construct is the only workaround, but not something I'm willing to compromise. I'll wait until this mess is fixed before upgrading.
  9. Minor? Requiring an additional machine on the network every time I want to reboot my server is hardly "Minor"...
  10. There are, yes. I've given the keyfile workaround a go and it appears to work.
  11. Upgraded my test box to 6.8.0 stable this morning and am now unable to decrypt the array (using the same passphrase as I've used for the last year!). I experienced exactly the same issue with rc4 (see here and screenshot). If I roll back to 6.7.X - everything goes back to being fully functional. TIA, Nate
  12. Think you've just answered a question I came here to ask - I wondered why there were loads of files missing from my synced folders - checked the log to see: "This computer isn't linked to any Dropbox account... Please visit https://www.dropbox.com/cli_link_nonce?nonce=BLAHBLAHBLAH to link this device." But I guess I need to add "re-link Dropbox" to my Reboot process! Cheers, Nate
  13. Firstly - love this plugin! Absolute god send. Quick question - I've got a few custom tabs set up and working (Krusader, Sonarr, Radarr & Plex) - but for some reason, the SabNZBd WebUI simply does not appear using - I just get a blank iframe. Am I missing something obvious? Cheers, Nate
  14. The choice of disks is not an issue as (from my understanding) the SAS backplane will accept SATA drives - plus we've got a box full of SAS drives in the office that are free for scavenging. My boss is almost positive that there's a box here somewhere I can scavenge not RAM from - which could bump it a fair bit. I don't expect it to be very quiet or energy efficient. Noise isn't an issue as it'll live in my server cab in my home office. I think I'm probably going to give it a go with the free license and use it to cut my teeth on. By the time I grow out of it, our swathe of HP Proliant microservers should be ready for decommissioning [emoji41] Nate Sent from my SM-G930F using Tapatalk