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  1. Well I had a parity check run then and the speeds got capped to the slow 60MBs so its not the DiskSpeed-Docker's fault I think.
  2. I'm wondering if anybody with an LSI card using the mpt3sas driver has noticed any speed issues? I'm using a LSI SAS9206-16E HBA and its dual linked to an expander / enclosure - ARC-4036 I've had this setup for a long while now and I've always gotten the maximum speed out of all my HDDs from it. But when I upgraded to 6.9.2 this weekend, half of my drives on the HBA started running at 60MBs only compared to the usual ~200MBs When I reverted back to 6.9.1 the drives all ran at their max speed When I have time, I'll try to upgrade again and see if the problem occu
  3. You can try making a request to Limetech, but you'll need to know what you need exactly (I'm not sure either)
  4. I think most users here limit VMs and dockers at the router level, which would have better control of the network than Unraid itself. I could do that with my Mikrotik router, but I never needed to.
  5. The error: "Specified qdisc not found" indicates that the qdisc modules are not installed/available. So this would probably be unsupported unless the modules are compiled and loaded in (either by Limtech or some plugin)
  6. The first time docker engine starts up (or you've blown away the local-kv.db file) it picks a /16 network for the default docker0 network it starts from and keeps going to until it gives up The criteria for picking is the subnet is not used by the local machine, which is odd - so probably your USB ethernet adapter dropped off or wasn't connected when the docker engine last started up You're screen shots indicate the a bad config: * br2 is (which is a subset of * you have 3 default gateways (which will invariably confus
  7. Unraid also has SFTP, you just need to either enable root access via SSH by: * assigning root password or * adding ssh public key for root to login
  8. For data points: I'm using 4x 8TB N300 (about 1y 10m poweron time old) I've haven't seen any weird SMART attribute ever, so it's probably just the firmware on them.
  9. Please only allow SMS as a final resort - no need to perpetuate the horribly flawed scheme where you need to wait a 3rd party to deliver the codes to you when it could get intercepted midway or even failed delivery. Other apps as alternatives for the OTP generation * Microsoft Authenticator (has automatic multi device support and recovery) * KeeWeb - stores the seeds in a KeePass kdbx file * AuthPass * Yubico Authenticator (stores the seeds with a Yubikey)
  10. It'll be gone upon reboot it has no imapct whatsoever as far as I can tell. and if you want to remove it the correct command would be rmdir /usr/local/emhttp/-
  11. Chiming in that I'm running a i7-7700 also with UHD630 iGPU using it with Emby with iGPU transcoding as well and my server's rock stable (Unraid bugs not withstanding) - I've only rebooted it to enable VFIO binding and recover from a bad package install (newer Slackware packages don't work as they updated glibc but Limetech didn't)
  12. @dlandon Minor quibble: You have this line in the plg file mkdir - /tmp/&name;/scripts it creating a '-' directory in /usr/local/emhttp
  13. @limetech Seems like a bug with shfs itself: root@MediaStore:/mnt/user/Downloads# echo x > a root@MediaStore:/mnt/user/Downloads# chmod 600 a root@MediaStore:/mnt/user/Downloads# ls -l a -rw------- 1 root root 2 Mar 23 21:44 a root@MediaStore:/mnt/user/Downloads# ls -l /mnt/cache/Downloads/a -rw------- 1 root root 2 Mar 23 21:44 /mnt/cache/Downloads/a root@MediaStore:/mnt/user/Downloads# cat a x root@MediaStore:/mnt/user/Downloads# su nobody -s /bin/sh nobody@MediaStore:/mnt/user/Downloads$ cat a x nobody@MediaStore:/mnt/user/Downloads$ cat /mnt/cache/Downloads/a cat: /mnt/cache/Do