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"Will this HW do the job?" and other questions


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Hi community,


I've been reading in the forums and am amazed what people do with their unRAID boxes.

My minimum requirements to the setup would be the use of plex (max 2 streams), deluge / rtorrent, rsync, btsync, backup sets to external drives.

I'd be really thankful I could get a few comments on this build:



I also have some other questions and would really appreciate comments and / or advice.


[*]Would this build be too loud for a living room environment? I understand everyone has a different noise tollerance... but you know. What do you think?

[*]I was reading up on virtualisation in the forums and the Lime website. Is it possible (with this hardware) to virtualize a OS that has direct access to the hardware? E.g. Run a video game on Steam / Windows; access my (usb) dongled security software on Windows; setup a render slave for my rendering software on Linux... You get the idea. Or does this function like it would with VirtualBox etc?

[*]How much processing power does unRAID itself really need?


Thanks so much for reading this far. Appreciate any critic & comment.



Edit: Would anything be overkill?

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UnRAID itself doesn't really need much processing power, it runs perfectly happily on an Atom D2700.


I'd look to get a Corsair CS rather than a CX.  The CS is a newer and better PSU.


ECC RAM won't work with an i5 or i7, and it also won't work on a Z97.  You need a Celeron, Pentium, i3 or Xeon for ECC support, and it has to be on a C224/C226 chipset board.

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