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Lost access to shares after upgrade to 6 RC2


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I was running 6.0 beta 15, using AD Authentication and all was great. I used the plug-in to upgrade to RC2 last night, rebooted the unraid, and now today I have lost access to all shares with both domain users and the domain admin account.


I am going to run New Perms on the box, but at least wanted to report this in case others are seeing the same issue.

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Well reseting perms didnt fix anything, I have rebooted everything including the DC, unraid, and client (yes I rebooted the DC first, waited till it was fully booted, then booted the unraid, wait till it was fully booted and ready, then booted my laptop) no dice....


I'm going to try disjoining the unraid from the domain and re-joining it now to see if this hopefully corrects the permissions issue.

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OK Im figuring out some things....


I have 1 VM set up, If the VM is finctioning the SMB shares will not work....

If I do the following it will work until i reboot

1. stop the VM

2. disjoin the Unraid from the domain

3. reboot the Unraid

4.  rejoin the unraid to the domain, it will reboot BUT the menu option for VMs is not displaied and if I go into Settings and click VM Manager I receive a message stating that my hardware doesnt support virtulization....

5. I then reboot and the Menu item for VMs is displaied again but when I attempt to access the shares from a client I get an access denied message (if I try enter ID and Password I get an invalid Password message even though it is the exact ID and Password I log on to the PC with)


I have attached 2 system logs, one is with the VM functioning and shares not accessable, the 2nd one is shares accessable and VM working NOTE No reboot after re-joining domain.


I am a bit baffled at this point. I dont think the VM is part of the issue but wanted to include it just in case.



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