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  1. I tried again and Win10 errors out at about 8 or 9% of Expanding windows files with an error of 0x8007025d Windows Cannot install required files....
  2. Hey guys, Long time unraid user here, I have had Virtual machines running on my unraid servers for many years. lately I only 1 VM running and it would crash regularly (VM would shut down with no errors logged in event viewer), Unraid would sometimes show a network card error. My hardware profile is attached Basically it is a custom built PC/Server with AMD fx8350 8 core cpu 32gb ram Asus mother board (I forget what model but I will go look in a bit) 12 disks total (1 parity, 7 data, 4 parity ranging from 1tb to 8tb) Startin
  3. I read a different post talking about needing to use a mole to sata power adapter, this did the trick... Now on to building my 8tb parity
  4. I shucked 2 of this sqme drive and can't get them to spin up, what do you mean you needed to use a mole to sata adapter?
  5. The drives are wd80emaz.... From everything I have read this are rebranded Reds...
  6. Hey guys, I bought a couple Wd easy store external drives and shucked them giving me 2 wd80emaz 8tb drives. From everything I can find, these are rebranded Reds... I put them into my UnRaid; Amd amd 8550 I believe 24gb ram Asus m5a97 r2 mobo 850 watt psu Marvel 9215 r11 sata controler card Asm1062 r2 sata controller card UnRaid 6.3.5 I can't get the drives recognized, I have tried the drives on both controllers and direct connected to the mobo sata. I have updated the mobo bios.... I would rather not
  7. Well it turns out I didn't have a 2nd gpu in the UnRaid. I have added one and am starting to build a new vm. I will report back with update tomorrow Bill
  8. Hey guys, I am going in for neck/spine surgery on Tuesday and will be laid up for up to 3 months and want to get Steam Streaming up and running on a vm using the installed Asus 750ti 2gb oc. I have had a vm up and running previously with the card so I know cards are in the correct slots etc... For the last 2 weeks I have spent way too much time trying to get the vm working correctly, I have wiped and started from scratch countless times, I have had varying degrees of success, I had the vm running but kept getting directx errors in steam, wiped and haven't been able to get the vid
  9. I did a look and apparently I was wrong, I was working with Jon to get a 2nd NIC to pass through correctly, I know I tried multiple NICs and did everythign I coulf think and I dont believe we could get it to work, but I had the GPU passing through correctly at that time. here is the current XML for the VM <domain type='kvm' xmlns:qemu=''> <name>Dresden</name> <uuid>7fd12e69-556c-3c64-f65b-e0a569e328d0</uuid> <description>Dresden</description> <metadata> <vmtemplate name="Custom"
  10. Hey guys, I worked with Jonp on this previously (I believe it was on one of the Beta versions of 6) and we had it working, but I had an issue and the VM got axed and I am starting over again. I created a Win7 image, set the video to Nvidia device and the device boots correctly, I am remote currently and I am using TeamViewer to view the VM, and when I connect to the VM all I see is the start button. As I move my mouse around the screen I can get it to paint the screen a bit but not really... nothing has changed in my hardware setup or configuration files since Jonp and I got th
  11. I haven't verified this, but apparently a different friend "confirmed" that his disks were infected by a virus that basicly encrypted the files... I have never heard of one of these types of viruses that can run on an UnRaid, typically they would run on a Windows or MAC system and then encrypt Network attached mapped drives, and not just the NAS.... so that seems a bit fishy to me.... but he trusts teh other friends judgement so we can call this closed Bill
  12. Yep I know that Unraid doesnt use any striping etc, I have been using Unraid for many years. Im wondering if somehow his disks "reverted" to their striped state... but without being hooked to the correct piece of raid hardware they are unreadable? Is that possible? To my understanding he did no have a cache or parity set up just the 3 drives and I verified that UnRaid saw 3 separate drives and not 1 12tb drive. From what he has said the Unraid box would not even boot... Im not sure if he reused the same USB stick on the new hardware or not... Im waiting for an answer on your questio
  13. Hey guys, I'm trying to help out a friend who set up an unraid and I'm kind of at a loss on this one, I see what I suspect happened but I wanted to get some other thoughts. My friend had previously had 3 4tb drives set up in a RAID (not sure what flavor of RAID), he pulled the drives out and build a new UnRaid 6.0 box (I'm not 100% sure if used the same hardware or if this was different hardware)... but he had his Unraid up and running for a couple weeks, had copied several TB of data to it, then one day the server just died. he assumed the CPU/MOBO died, I think he was looking for
  14. I finally purchased a PCIe NIC to pass through to a Win7 VM after nothing bu problem trying to get PCI NICs to pass through, I got it working over the weekend YA!!!!!! and with storms coming last night decided it was a good time to upgrade to 6.0.1 and power down the server , in order to potentially avoid a 12+ hour parity check due to not having a UPS yet ... on booting up this morning the NIC is missing form the VM thins morning and in digging around the required lines to add the NIC in the XML are gone! The NIC was working 100% find yesterday all day until the upgrade to 6.0.1 and follo
  15. Thats kinda of what I was afraid of OK time to start shopping for a bigger better PCIe SATA card to combine the 2 s port cards into 2 4 port+ card so I can do a PCIe NIC vs a PCI NIC, unless someone pipes up on this thread with a known working PCI NIC