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Move Plex Data


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Hi Everyone,


I am looking for some advice, I am upgrading to Unraid 6 from 5 and I also want to use a cache pool for cache, docker and appdata.  The issue is that my old cache drive is in the old format and I want to use new SSD drives for the cache pool.    I think I understand all of the concepts but I am running into trouble getting Plex data off of the old drive.


What is the easiest way to copy the Plex data (Which is an insane number of files) from the old cache drive to the new cache pool?  Copying with windows works but some files are "locked" even with Plex stopped.    So far my approach has been:

1. Start the array with the old drive with all plugins (plex included) disabled.

2. Using windows copy the data to a temp drive location on the windows machine.  (This is my problem, all files won't copy).

3. Stop the array, configure the new cache pool.

4. Using Windows to copy the files back onto the new cache pool in the same folders.

5. Configure Docker plugins.


Would it be easier to use MC to copy data off of the old cache drive to the new pool after it has been formatted?  If so how do I mount the old drive?

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