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Parity disk hiccup


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I do not have logs to post, but if this happens again, I will get them together. I am thinking I did something stupid and wanted the thoughts of the group to basically tell me that I confused unRAID in some way. I made user shares awhile back, over a year ago, and I got my split levels wrong. I was splitting so high, that I would have a movie mkv file on disk 5 and the thumbs.db or some other files associated with that same movie on another disk. To fix this, I was using midnight commander to move the entire movie folder off disk 1 and onto disk 5. I basically was combining the movies all to one disk as I wanted to do to fix this problem of the files all being split around all the different disks for all my movies. I already fixed the split level settings, but I know I still have to fix what I already have that is jacked up. I was copying from disk to disk, and not from disk to user share or vice versa, since I have been told that was bad and could clobber my data. In doing this, My parity drive spun up, then turned to the yellow exclamation point and shut itself off saying that it had errors. I checked the SMART statistics, and found no bad numbers on the drives, and no errors detected at all. I stopped the transfer immediately (I had only been on the very first movie anyhow) and stopped the array. I then restart the array, and when it came back online, my parity disk was blue and said it was ready to be added as a new disk to my array and start my parity sync process. It is like unRAID kicked my parity disk off the array, and now wants to add it back again. I am going through the parity sync on it now and everything is looking fine so far, but I am wondering what everyone else thinks caused this. It was running fine until i started moving crap from disk to disk, so I am not going to do that again, until I find out if that is what caused this to happen. I already moved my TV shows off disk 1 and onto disk 5 and that worked fine a few days ago. It is only when I did the movies that my server got all pissed at me.





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