VIA NSD-7800 8-Bay Server Box


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I'm surprised that VIA system is so power hungry... It's power draw with 4 drives is actually higher than the Intel system I recently built (Forum Post). This doesn't even take into account performance per watt, where the Via system can't compare.






Since I only had 3 of my 4 drives spun down, I used the 1 drive idle numbers for the Via system.


What the Via system does have going for it is the price compared to an Intel Mobile platform and it's form factor.

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I would say that their figures dont run true, each drive under load adds 7W until the fourth drive when they start adding around 2-4W. This doesn't ring true.


In the testing I have done or have seen reports of, each drive should add around 7-10W under load.


I would say the HP system they tested against had barracuda drives, hence the performance difference and reported lower power usage. Comparing systems without using the same disks in each system is poor reviewing IMHO.


Nice unit though, no doubt.



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