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  1. £75.59 at Scan under today only. Bought two for £154 delivered earlier this week. £113 for a 3tb.
  2. Try another SATA cable preferably a really short cable. Those WD grreen drives dont like long or noisy cables. They behave exactly as you describe running like a usb 1.0 connected drive. reallocated count is fine as per Joe's comments.
  3. 88se9480 chipset. Use x8 PCI-e rather than predecessors x4 electrical interface. PCI-e 2.0 compliant (DDR) 600MB/s SAS/SATA
  4. PCI-e will run the board as fast and as many channels as the bus can take upto the max available to the chipset. So your adaptec x4 card will run at x4 in a x16 slot. It's a good sign the x1 card works, but still isnt proof the x4 will work. Ideally for future expansion reasons you want as many ports as possible in your x16 slot. Typically you'd look at a 8 port sata card in such a slot. However if you dont plan on going above 10 or 12 disks (4 onboard, 4 on PCIx16, 2 on PCI-e x1, 2 on PCI) then 4 port pci-e card makes sense. As for speed each x1 in PCI-e is worth 250MB/s (in PCI-e v2.0 it is doubled). An 8 port sata card with x4 PCI-e can theoretically still deliver 125MB/s which is more than todays HDDs can sustain. Even a pair of cheap x1 2 port sata cards will be a significant improvement over the 4 port PCI card when it comes to partiy checks. If your system will only ever hold 8 disks then this is the cheapest and best option IMO.
  5. To quote PE - "don't believe the hype". Simple facts are it works as a SIL3124 PCI-X controller under Windows and Linux (tick the unraid box). IBIS drives are either dual or quad SATA SSD drives linked to a controller. (tick the unraid box). The 4 ports HBAs are shipping for a $100 each. Doesnt matter what the technology is as long as we can plug 16 sata drives into it and they are presented as individual SATA drives unraid could work. The trouble is getting hold of a few 4 port sata bridges to try them. I dont believe a simple fan out cable will work, that would be far too easy/cheap.
  6. That is about as much as I could find, the question is just how psuedo is the sil3124? A single PCIe card with four sil3124 controllers supporting 16 devices for $100 is just too much to ask for... The Sil3124 is a PCI-X device not PCIe yet I cant see a PCIe to PCI-x bridge present. The only other obvious device present is a HSCL 8 channel clock buffer device. So Sil must be delivering a SiP with at least one psuedo Sil3124 device and PCIe/x bridge. Given the sil3124 supports port multipliers. We have a new PCIe derived HS clock buffer offering 8 channels of PCIe derived clock signals. Perhaps sil have upped the port multipler technology to multi channel offering four lanes between port multipliers rather than the original one lane? 1.2Gb/s rather than 300Mb/s. I cant see anything new here or exiting here for RoW but for unraid would be excellent technology. 16 device HBA support for $100. You would need to add an additional high speed port multiplier (HSPM) module for each four devices. If they could do those for $30ea. Looks like a real winnner. $220 dollars for 16 ports. Only uses one x8 PCIe slot and can be purchased 4 ports at a time. First four ports are $130 but next 12 are only $90 in $30 installments. Anyone got a contact at SIL ot OCZ?
  7. I wouldnt normally recommend those PCI/VGA slot coolers but I had good results with an Antec one and a SAS card. Dont last more than 6 months though before the bearings wear out (really noisy). On plus side they are really cheap so disposable.
  8. Buy a cheap pci-e riser card and melt that, few $ or £ or E and no risk to M/B warranty. Buy a spacer so you can screw the card down same height as the riser. Simples.
  9. Have you tried using the other two ports on the SIL3124 card? I recall my syslog showing minor errors but only when using port multipliers. As straight sata controller it was clean, havn't used it for a long time though...still got it here somewhere could stick it in tomorrow if you tell what version of unRaid you are running and run a quick parity check on my test system?
  10. Saw one of the on that auction site... Looks suspiciously like a 16 port SATA/SAS card...can't be can it? Anyone seen or heard of them? http://www.ocztechnology.com/ocz-ibis-series-4-port-hsdl-adaptor-card.html
  11. There is an old axiom with cars, fast, cheap, reliable any two from three is easy. Same thing with PC fast,quiet,cheap any two from three is easy. First thing you need to do is fix your exhaust fan situation. You have four 120mm fans (three hdd pulling fans and PSU) blowing 140-200cfm into the MB cavity and a single 80mm exhaust fan (20cfm if we are being generous). This is going to give you a high pressure in the MB chamber which will result in poor flow rate through the chamber. Trying removing the PSU, reconnect it out the back of the case and removing the unused PCI slot protectors. If this drops the temps as expected then you need better exhausts. Simples. If it doesnt then you arent drawing enough air over the HDDs. First make sure you have spread your HDDs so they have decent air flow around them. Buy some decent fans, you've spent major bucks on the system. Don't cut costs on fans especially if you are expecting a quiet system. Artic, Nexus, Sharkoon, Noctua or Zalman all do excellent 80cm and 120cm quiet fans than can shift decent amounts of air at low noise levels. Lastly decide what you want and work with that. You have brought a server case, designed for data centres, not designed to be quiet. As witnesssed by the stock fans (I know I've heard them, I laughed and I'm used to data centre noisy but those things are ridiculous!). Sure they flow 140cfm but at 80db. You are using 7200rpm drives, potentially not good for heat and noise (not easy to change). Do you spin them down when not in use? What do they sit at ambient? You've turned on extra core on CPU, not needed turn it off. Do you need a cache drive? Remove it. Less heat, less noise. Look at putting a vertical CPU cooler with 120MM fan blowing toward exhaust fans (CPU should be low 40's). Zalman or Artic Cooling again all do suitable designs. Look at fitting the case with some accoustic absorbtion materials once you have the heat under control.
  12. Stick on clips tend to lose stickiness, if you must use them, spot of hot glue is recommended. The only potential thing I can see is the USB cable to the front panel looks too tight and might pull off the header. Could just be the camera angle but it looks a bit like "a bow string". CPU fan needs rotating 90 degress so cable comes out toward PSU and needs braiding black, sorry OCD kicking in... Otherwise nice job. I think it was Asus P5B-VM someone was having issues with, MV8 wouldnt work in x4 slot only in the x16 slot. Different chipset than your board. Loop back from eSATA port for an emergency sata port. Like you say pcie 2 port is much cheaper than second mv8...its cheaper than the cables for an mv8 thinking about it.
  13. Xclio Balack hawk 8/10 (£39.99 today only special at Scan over the holiday weekend) Pros - Big case, plenty of room. Lots of fans. 12 front accessible HDD bays (8 x 3.5 bays behind bottom two fans). Additional 3 x 5.25 bays at top for 4 or 5 more HDDs. 3 built in fan controllers (side, top and front). Holds 8 drives during parity to mid thirties (3 or 4 deg. typ. increase). Cons - Cable management is poor (couple of little cut outs, little space behind MB tray). No heatsink hole in MB tray. Fans are not filtered. HDDs arent hot swappable. Front fans a super fiddly. Manual says to be careful to not bend pinds but not how-to remove fans the correct way! Took me 4 hours to swap out the old cooler master titan case and build the new one. To Do: Re-orient PSU so cable exit is near rear of case. Should allow tidier cable management. Zip tie SATA cables. Take some pictures! Would I buy another? Yes at £40, but has a lot of serious competion at full price it is up against... Antec 900 Fractal Designs XL Xigmatek UTGuard Sharkoon Scorpio Antec Dark Fleet NZXT Tempest CM 690 CM Haf 922
  14. Just bought one of these today only special at Scan (UK) £47 inc VAT and Shipping. http://www.scan.co.uk/products/xclio-blackhawk-full-tower-case-black-w-o-psu The two front fans hide two 4 bay HDD holders. Will post up some pics later this week when up and running.
  15. 2 x 2TB Samsung HD204UI/Z4 Spinpoint F4EG, SATA 3Gb/s, 5400rpm, 32MB Cache, 8.9ms, NCQ £89.99 £107.99 More information about this productBuy this product http://www.scan.co.uk/todayonly/index.aspx