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  1. /usr/local/bin seems to be the better location for macOS BigSur, due to System Integrity Protection on /bin.
  2. Thanks for the heads up ryoko. I gave the three commands a shot and it did sort out the syslog flooding, but sadly didn't solve the single thread at 100% or allow the VM to boot, so looks like i'll be continuing with UEFI disabled for the moment.
  3. I'm seeing this as well now. With UEFI boot enabled, a VM with iGPU passthrough doesn't boot, maxes out a CPU thread and totally fills the syslog with, kernel: vfio-pci 0000:00:02.0: BAR 2: can't reserve [mem 0xc0000000-0xcfffffff 64bit pref] Disabling UEFI boot stops the problem and allows the VM and passthrough to return to working as expected. Rich
  4. Ah, thank you. Good to know. Do you know if it's normal for it to be taking this long, its been reading disk2 for nearly 12 hours now?
  5. Hi all, I'm currently seeing constant reads on disk2 of roughly 500KB/s-1.5MB/s. Having checked with the 'Open Files' plugin to see what is being read and what program is reading, i can see that random files are being read across multiple shares (some of which no plugins or dockers have access too) on the disk are they are being read by a program called 'find'. Can anyone tell me if this is a Linux / unRAID process doing something, or do i need to start shutting things down to try and pinpoint what it is? Thank you, Rich
  6. After a bit of messing about it looks like those errors may have been due to a dodgy sas cable. Thanks to those that helped.
  7. Been a little while so I'm going to try and outline this a little clearer. You only need to download one more file to make this all work using the EFI shell for steps 5-7. So I downloaded "Toolset_PercH310 to" and "" from here. For steps 1-4 you can use MegaRec on every PC I've tried it on and so I used the .bat files from the toolset to accomplish those. I also put all these files on a bootable DOS USBstick. Unzip the toolset into it's own folder and the SAS2FLASH zip into it's own folder. Copy the P5_sas2flash.efi from the P5 folder and paste it
  8. Yeah, I'll post back when its done.
  9. Yeah I have, it's unassigned and preclearing as I type. The array displays and functions just as it did before I installed the drive
  10. I had to unassign it so that preclear could see it, so although it wasn't actively part of the array yet, it seems like it provisionally was until the clear had completed. Unassignning it had no effect on the array though, so it didnt cause any issues.
  11. Downloaded the preclear plugin and have just kicked it off
  12. This is after a reboot with autostart disabled,
  13. I genuinely can't remember what happens after the clear and how the drive gets added, sorry. It's been a long time since I've added a drive and last time it required the array to be offline the entire time. The percentage counter is moving in the corner of the GUI, so it doesn't look like its stuck? Yeah all plugins are up to date. I haven't done anything with them, regarding the errors, as they are all working and i wanted to give it a bit of time for them to be updated to support the unRAID change, before considering deleting them. Sure, I'll have to search on how to do it, but i
  14. I was cycling the system to test something in the bios and on the controllers, so not unexpected (after installing the drive but pre booting into unraid). Here's the diagnostics zip.