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Application Name: Maraschino

Application Site: http://www.maraschinoproject.com/

Docker Hub: https://hub.docker.com/r/linuxserver/maraschino/

Github: https://github.com/linuxserver/docker-maraschino


Please post any questions/issues relating to this docker you have in this thread.


If you are not using Unraid (and you should be!) then please do not post here, rather use the linuxserver.io forum for support.

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Is there still an option to get this working with plex instead of Kodi?


If so, how? And could it be explained in a dummy-proof manner? I'm really new to all this... :-[


There used to be. I am checking in for you now. It used to be a variable you selected at the time you pulled the Container e.g. PLEX = 1 or something similar.


As a side note, the Maraschino application is quite old now and I don't even think it gets much with respect to development effort.


The majority of us use HTPC-Manager. I personally think this is the way to go:




The best way to install this (and other Containers) is via the Community Applications Plugin. It basically gives you a tab which you could describe as an "App Store" for unRAID. This plugin will allow you to easily search for and add any of the unRaid docker or plugin applications, along with some related optional utilities (automatic updates of plugins, backup of appdata shares):




If you're new to Dockers please read the FAQ's link in my signature as well as the LT wiki.


Either way, no matter what you decide to do, ill get you an answer on the Maraschino Container .....

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Hey there, I was one of the original Maraschino devs way back when.

When I personally switched to Plex I started converting the XBMC stuff to Plex and you can find some of that work here: https://github.com/gugahoi/maraschino

@danioj is correct tho that development died because of other commitments and you can see the last commit is almost 3 years old, but who knows maybe someone will find this useful. I personally am stoked that this was something with a decent user base at one time so just seeing an unRaid plugin is pretty cool since I am just starting to try the OS out myself. 

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