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  1. Any idea why I'm getting "Pending - Download client is unavailable" these days? I'm using LS Deluge, and when I check the settings it connects just fine. I also looked in Deluge, file path and label are correct. I'm seriously considering dumping Deluge for another client, but that is a subject for another post.
  2. Thank you all. Going with the refurb LSI card. Should I bother flashing it to HBA?
  3. Would this work? MZHOU PCIe SATA Card 6 Ports
  4. I found a PERC H200 (refurb) through Amazon for 30€ I only need one SFF-8087 to 4xSATA for 9€ And I need SATA power splitter. Will that work? And once I swap the cards will the last 2TB "pop up" ?
  5. Yep... I was doing some more research, and tested my 2nd 8TB drive... Same issue. It's the RAID controller. Now I need to find a replacement... BLAH! Any advice? Sugestions? My server is an old Dell Poweredge T110 that I got for free. @itimpi Yeah the parity drive is on SATA directly to the MOBO.
  6. I'm guessing I must be doing something wrong, or that HDD is fried. I swapped out my old 4TB parity drive for an 8TB drive and I was going to use the old parity to replace another 2TB. The new 8TB parity synced up and and is working fine, but when I installed the old 4TB drive it is showing only 2.2TB. Any ideas?
  7. No GPU, but it was so laggy I couldn't even get the install running
  8. Tried cirrus with XFCE version, it works... But very very laggy. Basically unusable. I tried systemd.mask=mhwd-live.service but I hang at the screenshot provided. The only other time I got something different was by hitting e and changed radeon=1 to radeon=0, but then I got a message that something was already running. Any help is greatly appreciated.
  9. Update Deluge to the latest version. Seems to work fine. Make sure to Force Update it after you remove the :145
  10. Sorry for the late reply. My workflow is nothing special I use Radaar and Sonaar to automatically get me what I want and ship it over to Deluge. I've tried working with other BitTorrent clients and it never plays ball the way I want it to. On the side I have Transmission Torrent when I need really big files that I know will choke up Deluge. On the update side I will remove 145 today and get back to you all with the result.
  11. Are you adding or deleting a lot of files, or one very large file? This version of Deluge (possibly others as well) has a flaw that if large or multiple files are being affected the connection to the daemon is lost, and you are left starring at a blank screen. However if you can be patient, once the instructions/actions are completed the the connection is reestablished... It's a pain, but in the case of my workflow it is set up in such a way that I can't (don't want) to mess with it.
  12. Hey everyone. I'm trying to get FTP set up on my machine, and I am pulling my hair out trying to understand how it works. The use case is that family (and myself on rare occasions) can access certain folders on the server. I can't find anything on how to set it up... I'm running the latest update of unRAID, and I have letsencrypt docker if that affects anything. I'm looking to have it configured as userA has access to, and download from, folder 1 2 and 3, userB has access to folder 2 3 and 4, and both can upload files to folder 5. Thanks for the help.
  13. I find that you can only about 5 files at a time or this container chokes. Same goes for manually adding files. And I have that same issue when trying to add a very large (50+GB) file. I'm going to try another Deluge docker container and see if that works better.
  14. Yeah. That is correct. Try redownloading/force update plex. I'm out of ideas sorry.
  15. Nope. Sorry I was unclear. Leave it in Plex as /transcode Add a path to the container /tmp to /tmp (in addition to /transcode to /tmp) Then test a video.