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I need help. I am upgrading from 5 to 6, Sickbeard, Sab, I can paypal


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I am lost.  I don't screw with this too much.  So, I successfully upgraded from 5 to 6.


I installed Docker on my cache drive.



I recently put a cache drive SSD on my server, but never did anything with it.


I have Sickbeard comming up, but not Sab.  I would like to know what files I need to copy over from my previous Sick and SAB installs.


How to best use my cache drive.


I can pay a bit of money for the right support.





I guess PM me.  I am in the US and can call you as I have unlimited calling to the US, Canada, Mexico.


I was thinking Paypal 20 bucks an hour or I will work with someone.



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