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  1. Howdy, I had 2 drives fail, it has been like 6 months since I had Unraid up, streaming offers so much I would like to get what data I can off the valid drives now to maybe reconfigure things now that 8TB drives are so cheap to replace my 2tb's... Anyways... Could someone please let me know the best/easiest way if there is one, to plug a hdd at a time in a windows pc, and copy the media files over to another hdd? Point me in the direction? I would really appreciate it, Thanks, Brandon
  2. Thank you for this. I was able to login. I'm sorry I missed that somehow. I got a deal recently on NordVPN. I just need to figure out how to set that up. Thanks again, B
  3. Hey, So, I recently started using Plex. I bought a lifetime a year ago, but didn't really use it. The reason I am mainly using it now is for the Live TV. Kodi and Emby, I am too stupid to figure out setting up my HDHomeRun I just bought. Anyway, I think I bought the wrong HD Homerun also. I should have maybe bought the extend. Plex runs slow or not at all or crashes on my Shield TV. I have seen a message stating My PC isn't powerful enough to convert. Should I get a new MB/CPU and Mem. or sell the refurbished HDHomerun Quattro and get the Extend refurbished? (108 dollars for the extend). EDIT: The more I think about it, That is probably a 9 year old combo. I should probably upgrade and it would help all my other apps on Unraid? Any recommendations on a good combo on upgrading the Unraid PC for cheap? Thanks so much.... I've been running Unraid for awhile on my Tower. It is only : AMD A4-3300 APU with Radeon™ HD Graphics @ 2500 4gb Ram
  4. Another thing worked out well. I just put in a cache drive for my appdata folder and realized all my torrents were on that share, I moved them out of there and used the /download parameter to change the location and it found it! So happy. I was using Utorrent on my Win PC and tried moving stuff and it didn't work out. I really appreciate your help and creating these dockers.
  5. EDIT: Ok, weird. I swear I tried refreshing my browser multiple times before. Now it immediately opens a new tab and says it can't find it, but if I hit refresh, it does. I had this problem in the past and it fixed itself. Same issue on 2 pcs. Any idea why it might right away say "this page isn't working" ? I suppose that's not a big deal, for some reason it now is just doing it when I click on the webui option from docker. I don't know what I did to fix whatever it was before. Thanks so much.. _________________________________________________________________________ Sorry. I am still a novice after 7 years. I try not to ask for help unless I run out of options. Are these the logs you need? I created the docker log by clicking on the log next to qb in Docker and copy and pasting it into a txt file. Thanks for bearing with me and being patient, I really appreciate it. docker log.txt qbittorrent.log
  6. Same. I tried deleting the container folder both times and tried installing the mace container also.
  7. I have, and I have tried it from other PC's and the qt app on my phone. They all just stopped working. I can access the webqui for all my other dockers. I'm going to try and delete and reinstall again. Any other suggestions? Thank you.
  8. Hopefully someone can give me some tips... For some reason my qbittorrent stopped working or I am no longer able to connect to the webgui... very confused. I have tried deleting the docker. I tried reinstalling using the original directory, and a new one with the same results. I tried changing the port to 8123. Not sure what else to try. I appreciate any help...
  9. Sorry for the stupid question. I have searched for a bit. I can't find anywhere what the Username and Password is to login... I'm ignorant. Thanks so much.
  10. Well neither command was able to mount it, so I am using the xfs_repair -vL command. Have my fingers crossed, thanks. EDIT: Wow, by that other post, I thought it was going to take hours. It finished and it is now mounted! Thanks, now I have to figure out why my Docker isn't working. EDIT AGAIN: Well that fixed docker also!
  11. I am comfortable. I have done stuff in the past and worked on DOS alot as a kid. I am just not too familiar with all of the commands. Can you point me to where I might find how to do that? Thanks.
  12. So, I ran the file system check without -n and got this... I took the array offline again, and back on, still wouldn't mount. Then back into maint. mode and ran check again. Same message. Should I do the -L option? Thanks again.
  13. Thanks for the quick reply John. I really appreciate the help. What is usually the cause of a corrupt file system?
  14. Hi, I was hoping someone could give me a hand with this one. Thanks Before this happened my tower had been acting funny the last couple of weeks, where twice the gui and everything stopped working. I would reboot, and it would take awhile to start the array, and show 0's when it was trying to mount the drives, so during the process, I would reboot, and it would start back up fine. Another issue I see is Disk 1 in the dashboard has a ! for SMART. I ordered another drive that was supposed to be here Sat. Oh, I just added a my first cache drive to it the other day, but I don't think that would have anything to do with it? Thanks again. tower-diagnostics-20180827-0451.zip