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User Shares: login: mkdir: mkdir: cannot create directory '/mnt/disk1'

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SO... I've installed 4.5beta7 overtop of Slackware 13


My issue is that I have files on /mnt/disk1 but the User Shares didn't copy over properly.  Even when I recreate them in the Slackboot (vs off usb) It doesn't refresh anything.  Also, copying to the cache drive doesn't seem to work properly either.


A few other issues I've noted that I need help with...  I thought there was a /mnt/shfs directory or something similar but it doesn't show up on the Slackboot.


And another thing... It automatically runs a parity check every time I reboot.  VERY frustrating.


I see this on boot:


login: mkdir: mkdir: cannot create directory '/mnt/disk1'    and also can't create directory '/mnt/cache' (which is in my fstab as /dev/sda1)


I can't help but think its related...


system_log attached...




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Sometimes I see the same issue on reboot, the can not create the mount points because they're already created. Unraid (emHttp) is used to having a fresh drive image whenever it starts. Now that you're installed on a hard-drive, the commands persist between reboots.


My user shares show up fine. There is a 'shfs' filesystem that shows up as /mnt/user.


As for why you have forced parity checks on reboot/shutdown, it's because it wasn't a clean shutdown. How are you shutting down or rebooting? I use the normal *nix commands, with my rc.local_shutdown hooked into calling "rc.unRAID stop". I also made rc.unRAID behave friendlier to running processes. I think the rc.unRAID is from the Powerdown package.


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