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Pls check over my config and let me know if all is ok


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Hi all,


Been reading a bit here and there about unRaid, but have now just scored a couple of Xeon E5-2670 CPU's with VT-d

So i got to thinking that i might make a box to run a number of VM's on.


Parts already acquired...

2 x E5-2670 (the ones with VT-d)


Parts being considered...

Motherboard: ASRock EP2C602-4L/D16

Ram: 64GB ECC DDR3 1333 RDIMM (8x8GB)

PSU: Corsair HX750i (Dual 8Pin EPS12v)

Disks: Not yet decided, need a hand here.


Regarding storage, i'm looking for speed and IOPS.

If i'm on the right track then all i need is to understand how unRaid configures the drives, or if a few options are available i'll need to decide.

I can foresee using something like Raid0 / Raid 10, i don't think i really want to deal with raid 5/6 on this, no critical data will be o this box so i'll prefer speed over redundancy.

I wonder if a pair of good SSD's would suffice? any suggestions?

I do already own a Sandisk Ultra 960 Gig drive in my regular machine (see below for comment re using this new rig as my regular machine).



Intended use is for virtual machines, no need for a file server (already have a NAS)

A couple of experimental OS's (i like experimenting with different Linux desktops)

A dedicated windows game server... (Digital Combat Simulator - will require a min spec GPU to run as there is not dedicated server executable yet(PITA))

A dedicated linux game server (Space engineers, minecraft)


There is a vague chance i might consider using one of the VM's as my daily machine.

I'm curious to know how practical this is.

My current machine for reference...

i5-3570K / 8GB / 240GB+960GB SSDs / GTX970

Lots of USB stuff (Joystick / throttle / pedals / trackIR / keyboard / mouse / webcam / card reader) incase it matters, as i haven't had the greatest history with USB hubs, but might need one if i go this way.


So overall, i hope these CPUs are good.

Hopefully someone can say weather the motherboard is a good choice.


If you've read through all of this then i thank you for your time  ;)

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I can foresee using something like Raid0 / Raid 10, i don't think i really want to deal with raid 5/6 on this,


Hi. Just a beginner unraider myself, but wanted to point out that unraid doesn't offer RAID per se (hence the name); refer to wiki.

Simply wanted to make sure you won't build your system on false expectations.

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