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Windows 10 VM graphic performance dies when a second monitor is connected


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I've been trying to passthrough my gtx 780 to a blank windows 10 vm. The set up works relatively well, but once the nvidia graphics drivers are installed, connecting a second/third monitor causes the entire operating system to suddenly die in performance (see this thread for the exact problem https://forums.geforce.com/default/topic/676979/gtx770-dual-monitor-setup-horrible-stuttering-lag-low-fps-and-screen-tear-/ ).


For me, the problem starts as soon as I plug a second monitor in and persists after the monitor is unplugged. After rebooting, the graphics are scrambled I have to set it up again. Uninstalling the nvidia drivers fixes the problem, but obviously that isn't a proper solution. I've tried disabling all the nvidia services but that again didn't help. Not sure if it is relevant, but rdp also runs super laggy.

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I'm not sure entirely what is going on, but my dpc interrupts are really really high and the cpu usage on the os vs unraid is really disproportionate. The system is still a little laggy - it turns out enabling msi interrupts completely fixed the graphical problem but now it seems to still be a little laggy occasionally.



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