ST8000AS0022 New SMR Drive?

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So i cant find info on the ST8000AS0002 anywhere on seagate's site, and now i see ST8000AS0022 plastered everywhere(and a few other smr renames), but i can not find any info on this drive, and the ST8000AS0022 pdfs point to the ST8000AS0002.


So either the ST8000AS0022 is coming soon, or seagate just as a typing error over the entire site?



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There's a data sheet available here. It mentions the implementation of ZAC (Zoned-device ATA Commands) which seems to make it a third generation Host-Aware SMR drive. In other words, if your controller and software are not SMR-aware, it will behave like its Device-Managed predecessor. But if your controller and software also implement the ZAC command set, it will behave like the HGST Host-Managed SMR drives, giving the best of both worlds - the natural evolution of SMR.

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I know that his hasn't been updated in a while but I was curios enough to ask Seagate directly if they could tell me the difference between the ST8000AS0002 and the ST8000AS0022 drive and which of them is the V2 and which is the V1, if there ever was a V1 or that the AS0022 is actually a V3 and the AS0002 is the V2 cause V1 never existed.


This is the answer I got from Seagate:


Thank you for contacting Seagate Technical Support.  I understand you are wanting to know the difference between the model numbers. The drives are the same but they are given different part numbers due to when they where made or what region they are sold in. There is no difference in the details of the drive other than that.


Kind regards from me and Seagate,


Kayla S

Seagate EMEA Technical Support

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