Copy Drives Before New Flash Drive Introduced

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Flash drive damaged when inserted into a windows machine. I would like to copy each drives data (300Gb total) before moving on to the new flash drive. I don't have the config file so I have no idea which drive was parity and which drives were data. Shouldn't I be able to sata cable the individual drives to my pc to back up? When I plug in to usb on pc, the driver installed but I do not see the drive.

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Why do you want to copy the data to your PC? You should be able to just start up with a new flash disk and assign all your drives again without loosing any data.


If you don't know which drive was parity then assign all disks as data disks and start. The one that shows up as unformatted or unmountable will be the parity drive.


Then stop, New Config and assign all the drives again but this time assigning the correct disk to the parity slot.


I don't remember whether v5 lets you trust parity or not but even if it does you should do a parity check.

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