Win 10 VM drops into UEFI shell upon startup

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For me, the issue was because of Secure Boot. I disabled it in the Tiano UEFI (I believe it was just for the subsequent boot) and was finally able to boot from my Windows 7 ISO. Strange because the ISO is direct from Dell for my PC.


Previous attempts at booting from the "DVD" were throwing an error related to secure boot but the Tiano system was not displaying it, so I'll chalk up this two hour chore to bad design.

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Not sure if this will help anyone. But I had the same issue as most of you. I watched spaceinvader one's setup on a vm and one thing he says (that you can miss) is to make sure you press any key to boot from cd or dvd... That bypassed the shell and started the VM fine for me. If you are too slow and it goes to shell by the time you start up the VM. Got to reset and it will reboot the VM so you have a chance to press any key again. Hope this helps.

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