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Changes to VM Manager to better manage cpu pinning and emulator pinning


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There are a lot of users struggling with performance in VMs and are going overboard in trying to improve performance.  From what I have read, the biggest issue is with latency in VMs causing choppy video and audio playback and low/erratic FPS while gaming.  It appears that the standard answer is to throw more cpus at a VM.  This is not only wasteful of cpus, it doesn't solve any problems, and is overkill.


I would like to suggest some minor changes in the VM manager cpu pinning and add an emulatorpin entry.


For example:


A Xeon 4 core processor with hyperthreading is laid out as:








  • Don't allow a user to pin any of the first core cpus.  Linux tends to favor cpu 0.
  • Default emulatorpin to pin the first cpu pair.  <emulatorpin cpuset='0,4'>.


This should help all VMs, but more importantly those with latency issues.


I am still doing some experimenting with isolcpus.  I'm not convinced that it is necessary to isolate the cpus.

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