Best way to reorganize multiple shares into one?

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I’m sure someone has done something similar before.  What is the best way to combine multiple shares? 


I currently have a


/Movies (sd movies)



I now want it to be






The files span 6 disks.  How would you recommend making this change? Thanks for the help

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Work only on one disk at a time. Do not mix user shares and disk shares. You may want to disable user shares for the duration of the operation so you can't accidentally screw something up.


Open the first disk containing the shares you want to move. Create a root folder called Temp. Drag the current root folder called HDMovies into the new Temp folder. Go into the Temp folder, and rename HDMovies to HD. Go back to the root of the drive, drag the Movies folder into the Temp folder. Go into the Temp folder, rename the Movies folder you just moved to SD. Go back to the root of the drive, and drag the Documentary folder into the Temp folder. Rename the Temp folder to Movies.


Repeat for each of the six drives. If you do this correctly the moves should be instantaneous. When you finish, and turn user shares back on, the old user shares HDMovies and Documentary should be gone.

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If you do the moving of the directories on the server itself it should be very fast, as nothing needs to physically move.


Go to your first disk and create the movies folder.

Then move rename the other folders into it



  Make disk1/Movies

  Move disk1/HDMovies to disk1/Movies/HD

  Move disk1/Movies (SD movies) to disk1/Movies/SD

  Move disk1/Documentary to disk1/Movies/Documentary


Repeat on all disks

Then go to the shares page in the gui and adjust the settings on the movies share



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