[SOLVED] UnRaid 4.7 - Failed Parity disk

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Hi All,


Recently my parity drive started showing some errors on the main page. Today I needed to shut the server down and when doing so there was a message that the parity disk had been disabled and I could see some write errors in the log file summary. This is fine, and I appreciate the disk needs replacing.


After starting up the server (same parity disk installed) it now shows with a blue ball and the message "New parity disk installed". I have the option to start the server after checking "I'm sure I want to do this"


My question is: If I start the array now, will it attempt to rebuild the parity disk, or the data disks?


What would be the correct steps to take if:

1. I want to access the data disks without a parity disk (until replacement is installed)

2. I replace the parity disk and want to sync it with the current data.


I found the article http://lime-technology.com/wiki/index.php/Replacing_a_Data_Drive which takes you through replacing a data drive, but nothing for parity drives.




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I haven't used 4.7 in years, but if it says "New parity disk intalled" starting the array will begin a parity sync, if the parity disk is known to be bad unassign it and start the array without parity, this way you can access your data, naturally array will be unprotected, when you have replacement just assign it and start array to begin parity sync.

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Thanks Johnnie,


I set the parity disk to Unassigned and the array started fine.


I will be replacing the drive tomorrow - I just wanted to make sure that the data wasn't overwritten. I'm assuming that because it is a parity disk, the initial sync will update the parity, and if it was a data disk, the sync would update the data....




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