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I have set up two shares, Scratch and Home. The Home share is a private share only accessible by specified user. The Scratch share is public and should be able to be written to by everyone. This doesn't work.


When I first log into Windows 10 I have read/write access to the Scratch share. My problem arises when I create a mapping to the Home share in Windows using my user credentials. This provides read/write access to the Home share but I loose write access to the Scratch share.


I think part of the issue is that Windows doesn't let you have different user credentials for shares on the same domain. I suspect the other part may be an issue with unRAID SMB Security Settings. When I select "Public" as the security setting this should allow me to have read/write access to the share (Scratch) in this instance even when I have entered my user credentials. Or is this maybe by design?


So basically, can someone please advise how to get read/write access to both my Home share with SMB Security Settings set to "Secure" and my Scratch share with security set to "Public" in Windows 10?

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Have you tried the following sequence:

  • Clear any existing credential using Windows Credentials Manager
  • Connect to the Private share and input credentials
  • Now see if you can connect to the public share as well.  This should use the same credentials you used for the private share but since the share is public they should still work.

It appears that Windows and its interaction with stored credentials can be very sensitive to the order with which which you do things when you want to mix private and public share access.

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...I think part of the issue is that Windows doesn't let you have different user credentials for shares on the same domain...

One way you can workaround this Windows issue is to refer to the server by name for one user, and refer to the server by IP for the other user. Windows will treat these as if it is accessing different computers and use different credentials.
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