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Making my first container template


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Hey! I wanted to play around with Wordpress but I couldn't find any docker. I know I can just download MariaDB and apache and that will work fine too, but I wanted to try and make my first container template so I thought this might be a nice chance :)


  • I read some standard guides (quiet outdated) about creating the template but I'm a little stuck at the moment, I'm using this docker to work with. Here's what I have now and the webui works but it can't connect to the database.
  • When I'm in the webui for wordpress it asks for the database host, can I leave "localhost" here or should I manually fill my IP in here?
  • Can't I just add a variable to the docker with "WORDPRESS_DB_HOST" so people don't have to enter it in the wordpress ui? (something like this)


Sorry for my poor wording, if I missed any guide where I can find all this info just post it and I'll remove this.


edit1: just to be sure, does this docker include mysql or do I need to install it separately? 

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Ah, I saw someone talking about Docker Templates there so was a little confused. I will check out your guide and see if I can fix my problems on my own.


Would you mind linking it to me or saying in what categorie I can find it? New to this forum :)

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