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  1. Wondering the same, if I find a solution for this I can really replace my Pi.
  2. That's what I do too, but where do you enter the names for the Pi to resolve? I want to type: http://banana in my browser and be forwarded to the IP. What file should I edit to make this possible?
  3. I want to use my Pi-Hole as local DNS resolver, but want to keep my current DHCP server (so not using PiHole DHCP). What would be the best way to do this?
  4. People who get the 403 error and you have an USG Gateway, SSH into the gateway and enter this command: configure set service dns forwarding options rebind-domain-ok=/ Whoever added all the useful 'Help' information, you're amazing!
  5. Thanks for the tip! Tried setting the memory to one and two percent, hope it helps! If it crashes again, I will get the diagnostics and see what's up
  6. My unRaid WebUI gets unresponsive every two days or so, SMB and all the dockers are still reachable but the UI is stuck. After quite some Googling there isn't really an option to only restart the webui and not the whole machine/array. I'm now reading into cpu pinning and I hope that will fix it but maybe you guys have some other ideas/tips?
  7. Just digged through the syslog a bit, seems like nobody SSHD into it, can't find anything weird in the logs either.
  8. Long story short, wanted to open port 80 for another machine and accidently entered my unRAID ip (it was a long day). So my unRAID box was open to the internet without any verification (was a fresh install and just set it up) for about 10~ hours, any tips for damage control and seeing if anyone messed with my server? I would be open to a fresh install but I'd like to keep my dockers + files on my disk
  9. To start off, my server has been working just fine for the last weeks. I was editing some stuff on my HomeAssistant docker and I made a YAML mistakes. Because of this the docker didn't want to boot, suddenly my whole webui was unresponsive. I have read somewhere that a docker sometimes eats up all the resources and the webgui doesn't work anymore. So I wanted to ssh into the server but that was unreachable, so I went over to my keyboard and monitor for the server but I was unable to type anything into the console, totally unresponsive. So I shut it down, rebooted it and it worked just fine, I
  10. Do you might have an idea why the plugins don't work for me 99% of the time? Whenever I reboot the plugins are disabled again and I have to re-enable them
  11. I just downloaded and setup deluge, but whenever I enable any plugins (e.g. label or extractor) they are reset after boot. I want to use this with sonarr but even tho I enabled the label plugin, sonarr and radarr say I don't
  12. Since the last update my Sonarr has been acting realllyyy weird, the RSS sync and scanning library are taking ages and here are the logs I didn't change and of the settings, just added some shows. It's not like Sonarr is not working but it's realllyy slow and glitches pretty hard.
  13. I'm not saying CA is the problem but I'm just trying to determine where I exactly fucked up. If I want to be sure I don't have any previous files of the docker are left, what directories should I make sure I've deleted? (e.g. dockerman, appdata etc.)