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Strange Read/Write-slowdown during Disk-Reconstruction


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4 minutes ago, johnnie.black said:

Yes, more than once, looks like a WD getting slow zones.


Ah ok. This explains why i saw this during my last reconstruct of a new WD-Red 4TB two months ago.

Is there a chance to find out, which disk has this "slow zones" on it?

Thanks jonnie for your reply ^_^


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So, short reply from me:

I did a test of the affected disk and found this.

Shall i be scared about or is this a minor problem?

The SMART-selftest says that the Disk is ok and has no errors - BUT...

The Raw read error rate is increasing slowly 1-2 per week o.O

I allready changed the SATA-cable but the raw read error goes still up.

I would be thankful for any advice.


Raw read Error rate.jpg

Disk speed WD-Red 3TB.jpg

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Those normalized SMART attributes are still at max 200, so they should be of no concern, still was looking at my last 2 disks with these issues and both also show errors there while another 8 WD disks I can check ATM show 0 RAW for both, let me check my big server and see if all good disks are at 0, it's possible these SMART RAW values are a clue.


As for replacing it, when I find a disk like this, I usually replace it when possible, since IMO they will get worse until they eventually fail and performance, specially if using turbo write, will be noticeably affected.

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