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Change from seaBIOS to OVMF


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I had installed windows 10 using SeaBIOS because I was having issues with resolutions. 

But based pin the pinned topic, I'm learning that OVMF would be much better choice for CPU pinning.

Are there anyway to switch BIOS? I would rather not have to re-install windows / Adobe Encoder if I didn't have to...

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My understanding is that SeaBIOS is used if you have a MBR boot partition, and that OVMF requires a GPT partition.


Switching BIOS is easy (setting up a separate VM and pointing the disk image file at the other disk. (Just don't run them both at the same time).


Might be worth researching how to convert an MBR to a GPT. Might be very easy. And if you could do that, you could likely switch BIOS.


An option (and I'm not saying the right one) is to backup the install, then create a new VM with OVMF, and restore the backup there.

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