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Uverse Router Shows Tower in device list


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I have changed the name of the server via Identification on the webGUI and in the config file on the flash.  Yet i am still seeing Tower on my device list as well as still being able to connect to the server via http;//tower.. I absolutely do not want this, I would prefer the device list to show the actual hostname, and only be able to access the tower via hostname that was set


I do not want this, is this a defect or am I missing something?




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once i changed within the webui, i didnt actually have to change it. but it was the \flash\config\ident.cfg.


netstat from within the server is showing alot of http://tower as well.  no idea how to read that.  mostly http://tower and one or two http://myhostname


feel free to PM me with any suggestions or whatever.  this has me completely boggled, about to format the flash drive and reinstall.  Not sure if i'll lose all my docker settings and stuff tho :(

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