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  1. You have left out the part where you tell ddclient how to check for th IP. Check the default config file for the options.
  2. That has nothing to do with the container. It's an unraid issue.
  3. Check the recent posts for the solution. The last update did not add the youtube-dl.subfolder.conf. That happened last year.
  4. Someone pulled it two hours ago, so apparently someone is using it. But I have not updated it in at least a year. And I think there was a breaking change so couldn't update it without upgrading the baseimage. You even asked in the thread if you should remove it from CA and I said yes 🙂
  5. Please remove references to so it's clear the container is not released by or supported by us.
  6. We will not release any updates at all.
  7. The upstream_app name doesn't match your container name or swag and sonarr is not in the same custom bridge
  8. My mkvtoolnix container is dead. So no point using it.
  9. The log says which proxy confs has the issue. No need to go through all configs. Alpine was updated from 3.13 to 3.14 and nginx also and they changed some things.
  10. No need to pull an earlier version. Just comment out the proxy_redirect off; statement in all confs nginx complains about.
  11. You have not configured your proxy-confs correctly if you have to use the port. The container needs to have the same name as in upstream_app in the proxy conf and all lowercase. You also need to remove the sample part from the file name. For this to work you need to create a custom bridge and add swag and set all the containers you reverse proxy to use that bridge. As it is now you are not going through Swag. The second issue has nothing to do with swag, but your router. You need to find out if it supports hairpinning or split DNS. Do you get the default welcome page if you just go to your domain?
  12. That doesn't seem to be the correct IP. That looks like the internal docker bridge network IP