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  1. Since we don't bundle any Nvidia drivers in the container, it's plex that is the cause of this I would think. You should report it to plex.
  2. Since it worked after you edited the config file, the settings are good and it should work when your actual IP change some time in the future.
  3. I haven't tried it myself, but might be you have to use an email address. Also don't use a too short password in case it needs a minimum of characters.
  4. Your IP have not changed, so there is nothing for ddclient to do. ddclient only updates namecheap if your IP changes. It's working as it should.
  5. The IP shouldn't change every 5 minutes. It checks if the IP is changed at a set interval that you can customize in the config file. Ddclient doesn't write timestamps to its log, so not much we can do about that.
  6. As squid says, this container needs host networking. It is a network sniffing tool and isn't any good if it can't listen to the network. So either change grafana to another port or set this container to use its own IP.
  7. Which XML file are you talking about? There are variables in the template to set up the superuser. Try to not use any special characters in case unraid have an issue passing those to the run command.
  8. You have added the IP in the wrong place in the proxy-conf. Don't change the resolver, change the upstream app variable to the IP. If you would have used a custom docker bridge this would have been avoided. Then there are minimal things you need to change.
  9. Then it's a reverse proxy issue. Post the docker run command of bothe swag and calibre-web. You need to use a custom docker network bridge if you want to take advantage of using the container names for communication.
  10. Did you check if you can access calibre-web locally? If that doesn't work, this issue should be in the calibre-web thread instead.
  11. I have it set to the below in the default file of nextcloud. Which is the default value. That is the only place I have it.
  12. This is a speedtest server that is selfhosted and is used to test the connection between the user accessing the server and the server.