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  1. There might be a couple of hundred post about the same issue in this thread, so a search would be welcome 😉 In short, you haven't updated nextcloud in a long time.
  2. So that's why squid is driving around in a fancy new sports car 😆
  3. As usual with Plex codecs errors, deleting the Codecs folder and restarting Plex usually fixes the problem.
  4. We have discussed it internally now, and we will not release a new container under the new name. Daapd is now maintained by a community member (our community, not unraid).
  5. I guess that would be the logical move, but we need to let this one live for a while until people notice. Or maybe just stop it from working so people notice?
  6. Please use the correct support thread. You are not using our container.
  7. Not sure why you need to route it through a VPN, but this is out of my scope to help with.
  8. When we add the fix in the stable release, you should remove any scripts you have running. If you did it manually, you don't have to do anything. We are not only unraid users in linuxserver, so we want to concentrate our support on our own platforms. That is the main reason. But the 6.9 saga didn't help either. It's only 3 of us that is still reading the forums here at times. For best support, check out
  9. Neither unraid or the container use a public IP. You should get the same IP doing curl of in both unraid and the container.
  10. Please remove that log and pastebin it. It's a pain to scroll on a mobile device. It's also the unraid log, which will not help much getting help to get Jellyfin running. I don't remember if you are trying to install Jellyfin and use existing appdata or start from scratch (thank your log for that)? If you are not starting from scratch, please try it.
  11. That is a question for the onlyoffice container you are using and not our nextcloud container.
  12. Set the Daemon to at least 600, or else you will get banned from checkip. Is your dyndns provider supported by ddclient?
  13. ddclient is running as long as the container is running and the config is copied to the correct place if it's edited. You have not supplied any usable info to be able to help you. Post the full logs and the docker run command (no template screenshots).