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  1. Persistent data is not loaded to RAM at each boot. Docker containers are stored in an image file on a hard drive and you can set the location yourself. all persistent data for both plugins and docker containers are located on hard drives.
  2. Plex and emby should work without transcoding if the client supports the media.
  3. Did you copy the variables from this thread or type it in manually? If you copied it, then delete them and type them in manually. The same goes for --runtime=nvidia. Emby doesn't see the card at all.
  4. Port 80 is most likely blocked somewhere between your ISP and the container.
  5. Try changing the IP manually on namecheap to the wrong one and see if it gets updated after about 300 seconds.
  6. Then post in the plex database corruption thread. This is not something we can fix as it's an issue with sqlite and the unraid fuse system.
  7. I don't remember what it logs anymore as I haven't used it for ages, but I assume it will log when checking the IP.
  8. Probably best to take the disk offline and scan it with some recovery software to try and recreate the deleted folder.
  9. You can either exec into the container amd delete the cache file or change something in the template and hit apply and it will delete the existing container and create a new without the old cache file.
  10. I didn't test the jellyfin container with the Intel cpu. Only emby. No access to the computer as it's running win 10 now and my girlfriend use it. I would try to chown -R nobody:users /dev/dri
  11. If you are using our calibre container, have the containers on their own custom bridge, you are using the wrong port. It's either 8080 or 8081. When using the name to resolve the container, you need to use the ports internally in the containers.
  12. Haha. Good that I at least made you feel better.
  13. LOL. Somebody has to continue his legacy 😜
  14. Oh, you win! I lost it a long time ago in the unifi thread! And again in the letsencrypt thread with the Lua errors! Good thing I'm Norwegian and not American with an arsenal.... And I agree, we should be stopped!