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  1. Sorry, but we don't have any guides for how to migrate from mysql to mariadb. Your best bet is to find something using Google and be careful when following the guide in case they don't mention anything docker related.
  2. I guess you added the /dev/dvb device to the plex container? Also remember that plex doesn't support all dvb cards. You might be lucky that it works even though it is not supported, but there is a different way of adding the card. It's all in the plex documentation. Have you tested if it works in our plex container?
  3. I haven't used makemkv in a while, so didn't notice there was a new version out. I'll trigger a new build. Should be available in a couple of hours.
  4. Too bad I documented your post for all eternity then... 😁 Don't worry about it. We have all done mistakes like this.
  5. Not following the Readme on github that is linked in the first post.
  6. If you only have 4 GB ram for the server, that might be the issue. You have to remember that unraid also use ram and other applications also. Could also be your network. If you have a realtek network card, they are known to have poor performance on linux.
  7. It's validation your ssl certificate. So the issue was that you turned off the container that updates Cloudflare when you get a new IP.
  8. Apart from time shift, there are no options to set up a buffer. If you get buffering on your devices, there is something wrong with your setup somewhere. If you are not transcoding the streams, then it might be your network is too slow. If you are transcoding, your CPU might be too slow.
  9. I do not understand what you mean by buffer. If it's something you do in tvheadend, you can do the same in the container.
  10. Yes, you can use the same GPU in different containers.
  11. He is not a contributor to that container. Funkypenguin forked our sabnzbd and merged our changes a couple of times. That's why it looks like sparkly worked on his container. Funkypenguin has nothing to do with linuxserver even though it looks that way from his Readme. Or better said, our Readme.
  12. It is rural, but it's not that far from Oslo. I got insurance, so it's covered, but they are slow... I bought a used switch, but it sounds like a jet plane, so waiting on some quiet fans so it's possible to be in the house when it's on 😜