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  1. It's probably possible somehow, but I don't know how.
  2. Yeah, thanks. If I make a new, it will be under the lsio umbrella.
  3. You can't I'm afraid. Look at my post above for info.
  4. Turns out the 1.14.7 source is removed and when a new build on docker hub is built, it overwrites the previous. So it's a point of no return. I'm not going to update this container as I didn't make the base container for it, so can't update ubuntu to a newer version. So the best option is to install either binhex's version or jlesage's.
  5. I gave up and reverted to 1.14.7 due to dependencie issue with 1.15.0. The base ubuntu version is too old to have the needed libstdc++6 version. Not sure if I'm going to update this anymore. Might move it over to the new linuxserver gui base.
  6. I found the issue. There was some changes in the dependencies so makemkv didn't install correctly. Hopefully the new build will work.
  7. Why are you making something simple into something complicated? Linuxserver have one place we document things an that is GitHub. We are not unraid specific, so to simplify things we have one place where we put the documentation. The container have one task and that is to run ddclient to monitor the public IP and update it if needed. Thank you for your suggestions, but the container will not be changed to how you want it to be.
  8. Thanks for notifying about the new version. I'll see if I get it running today and if it works, push the new build.
  9. 1 & 2: The config file in your appdata folder. You don't have to think about any other files to edit. 3: I won't see a reason to not keep the container running. It's not using much resources. Schedule a stop and start script using cron if you are worried it eats to much resources. There is a plugin for that. The container runs the ddclient binary which takes care of checking for a new IP as configured in the config file.
  10. No, you need to install the drivers on the host. So you need to install the dvb build to get it working.
  11. I think it might have to do with your go file and where you placed the iGPU stuff. Probably emhttp binds the iGPU to vfio and then the driver isn't available, and therefore no /dev/dri. placing the iGPU part last in the go file would probably have fixed it also.
  12. I'm afraid I can't help much with your issue. I haven't tried habridge after I made the container and I don't have Alexa. I do have a woman by another name, but she is incompatible with habridge unfortunately... I do know that it can be a little bit tricky to connect the Amazon device, so have you checked the habridge github page for troubleshooting info?