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  1. Dedicated IPs can talk to each other. It's the custom bridge and host that can't talk to each other.
  2. You have specified the port in the host variable. Remove the port and it should work.
  3. Post you docker run command. At this point it's just guessing.
  4. That might be the reason. There are for sure no igpu available in your system. So you might need to go hunting in the bios for the correct settings.
  5. In the console, yes. As far as I know, you don't need to add the alpha support anymore. You didn't answer my question about modprobe i915 and changing permission. That is in the go file.
  6. You can check the dockerhub page for this container and under tags see if they have tagged any versions. If they have, you can just add :the_tag_from_dockerhub at the end of the repository field. If they don't have versioned tags, you have try the tags one by one until you find one that is old enough.
  7. It sounds strange that the ACS override would do this. With the device passed through, do a ls -al /dev/dri and post the output. Are you sure you have done the modprobe i915 and changed the permissions for /dev/dri?
  8. Running the container with host networking works. Not sure if it works if you set an IP for the container on a custom bridge. If I'm thinking about it, I read UDP as multicast UDP. If it's just normal UDP, you may the correct port and set it to udp. The default is TCP.
  9. You mean to downgrade python? If the version you want to downgrade to was used by the container, you can look at dockerhub and try the earlier tags. But all other packages will be downgraded also.
  10. You are running the latest version. It's just the author of booksonoc that doesn't know how to make a proper release on github. If you check the release tab and check out the 2 commits to master after he made the release, you will see that he changed the code from 1.1 beta to 1.1 release.
  11. You can set it now with the variable UMASK_SET. The default is 022 if not set.
  12. That is the simplest of containers to set up. Open a new template, then fill in the name, add uping/embystat:<tag of your choice> to the repository field, click the Add port, path or variable button and choose port. Add 6555 in the container port and choose the port you want on the host side (same if it's not in use). That's it.
  13. Where do you change the port? You only change it on the host side in the template.
  14. You always need to use the --runtime=nvidia if you want the drivers to be available to the container. So the one that wrote the steps in the first posts forgot that. And I also forgot that you need to add the GPU string for the GPU you want to pass through.
  15. There is already both a subdomain and subfolder proxy conf in our let's encrypt container.