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  1. saarg

    Server Raid Config....

    The hint is in the name unRaid. So unraid doesn't use Raid. Configure your disk as pass through if it's possible in the RAID controller.
  2. saarg

    Remove graphics card

    That's the correct part.
  3. saarg

    Trying to Passthrough Startech PEXUSB3S44V

    You have a space after =. Remove it and it should appear in the list.
  4. saarg

    Remove graphics card

    No access to a computer until Friday I'm afraid.
  5. saarg

    Remove graphics card

    This might be a bug. Either report it or delete the hostdev tags for the devices in xml mode. On phone, so can't paste what you need to remove.
  6. saarg

    Remove graphics card

    You remove the hostdev tags for the 0x05 bus. That is not the screenshot of the template. That is of the xml, but your xml is also missing. Switch off xml view and post a new screenshot.
  7. saarg

    Remove graphics card

    The GPU is still there. You can remove the part from the xml. Can you take a screenshot of the vm template and post it?
  8. saarg

    Remove graphics card

    Post a screenshot of the vm settings or the xml.
  9. saarg

    Cannot "stub" GPU when monitor is plugged in

    If the gui mode is using the nvidia card, it doesn't seem like you have managed to stub the nvidia card correctly. If you did stub it correctly, unraid would not use the nvidia card. Do you get the post screen on the Aspeed one? Post your syslinux.cfg. I have the same motherboard, but the WS version, and I have not had similar issue. Didn't use gui mode though.
  10. saarg

    unable to install nvidia drivers

    That is for an ovmf vm. He created a seabios vm, so that bit will not help. If he already installed windows, you can't switch between the two.
  11. saarg

    [Plug-In] Community Applications

    I guess the @dockerPolice will get to the bottom of this case 😁 Be warned @aptalca 😜
  12. saarg

    [Plug-In] Community Applications

    That sounds strange. Doesn't take much cpu to run it either, so shouldn't overload the system.
  13. saarg

    [Support] Linuxserver.io - airsonic

    Absolutely agree! Which kind of place would the world have been without us? 😂
  14. saarg

    Pass through a host DVD Drive

    Sounds like they fixed the speed in later releases of libvirt then 😀