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  1. Your isp. You get a 404 on hub.docker.com?
  2. You can't run the command if you can't get into the container. So yes, while it's running.
  3. That is not your Vantec card, but the motherboards controller. Looks like the Vantec card uses a Marvell controller and that have been troublesome in later kernels. Adding iommu=pt in the syslinux.conf might help, if not, you have to disable vt-d.
  4. The default folder for www is /config/www or appdata folder of letsemcrypt/www. You probably have to restart the container for the changes to be active.
  5. I have no idea why it fails with those errors. It's working here, but I don't have a 1070ti. You are not using the card in a VM at the same time? Or unraid gui mode?
  6. As long as you don't set an IP for the container, you can still reach it on unraidIP:port even when it's on another custom bridge, as you proxynet. You are correct in that both containers have to be on the same bridge to talk to each other. That's a security feature so containers can't talk to the host. I don't think you can set up a route in pfsense to the internal docker network. If you need mariadb in both the default bridge and in your proxynet, I think the best option is to set up one container in each bridge.
  7. When it's included in a new release it should be available. You have to ask ddclient when the will release a new version. We are releasing the original ddclient and not the fork on github. Should probably shift it to the fork as the original version is dead.
  8. It's a webserver, so you can do whatever you want with the landing page.
  9. Which card are you using? are you using the same appdata for both the containers? If you do, please try using a fresh clean appdata. Also check the emby logs for any errors. You will find them in the server dashboard.
  10. You are doing something wrong if the IP changed. Have you been using the internal docker network address? Don't use that. Use unraid IP:port (if you can specify port) or set your own IP, as I think you did. You have both on a custom bridge? Might be your database got corrupted. Don't know without logs. I don't know if you can specify the location for uploads. You have to consult the piwigo documentation to find that out.
  11. What is enable hardware transcoding set to? It should be set to advanced if you want to see it enabled for different codecs on the transcodes page. If you only have it set to yes, no list will appear, but it will still work. Have you tried to play a file and see if it's hardware transcoding?
  12. If docker hub can't be reached from your server, you can't update the container, so that is probably the reason why you are still on an old version.
  13. I'm going to answer that with a question and you will hopefully understand where to images are stored. Where is you appdata folder located?
  14. Have you copied the nvidia variables and the runtime into the template? If so, try typing it manually in case there are some nasty hidden characters sneaking in. For emby you also have to be using emby premiere to be able to use transcoding.