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  1. Perfect! Thanks for finding it.
  2. Please bring back that function for guys that can't seem to hit the small balls. And I keep forgetting to hit the ball and not the title...
  3. Not 100% correct. You can have multiple containers share the GPU, but you can't have a VM and containers use the GPU at the same time. To be able use the GPU for a container you have to unbind it from vfio so the drivers can be loaded.
  4. Post the docker run command. Screenshots doesn't tell us everything.
  5. Post the screenshot so we can see that your port forwards are correct and also the other info missing.
  6. The IP in the screenshot is the LAN adress. You have to find the WAN adress and compare it to the one provided by the webpage. If those two are not the same, then you are behind CGNAT. Hard to say if your port forward is correct as we don't see the description of the port forward table and we also don't have the docker run command of swag to see the validation method you have set up. It looks like you have not port forwarded to 80 to 180, but to 80.
  7. That is not something we have even considered and will probably not happen. We do have the LTS tag.
  8. I never tried it, so how can you add photos in the container? If it's a path, then add your photo share as a new path to the container and use the container path you set in Digikam.
  9. It's just a fancy bookmark tool, so don't think you would be able to launch a VM. You might be able to connect to it if it'susing VNC that you can use in a browser.
  10. It seems that the Unread Content button is not working anymore. Even though there are unread posts, the Unread Content list is empty. I get the message "There are no results to show in this activity stream yet". I tried changing the filters, logging out and clearing browser data and cookies, but still the same. Checked using both Firefox and Chrome.
  11. Not until Alpine linux releases 3.13 and we rebase to the new version.