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  1. You can't test the port forwarding to letsencrypt as nginx isn't started until a cert is created. You can use our nginx container to test. Use this blog post for troubleshooting https://blog.linuxserver.io/2019/07/10/troubleshooting-letsencrypt-image-port-mapping-and-forwarding/
  2. You have to turn off privileged mode as that is giving the container full access to all devices. You can also stub the VM using the vfio plugin so the drivers are not loaded for the 1050ti.
  3. You can use any SSH client or the terminal in the webui of unraid.
  4. The same errors still exists in the log. Have you tested if the card really works? Attached a monitor to it, tried installing windows or using it in a VM? It might also be incompatability between your motherboard and the m2000.
  5. Jul 3 15:46:20 Tower kernel: resource sanity check: requesting [mem 0x000c0000-0x000fffff], which spans more than PCI Bus 0000:00 [mem 0x000c0000-0x000dffff window] Jul 3 15:46:20 Tower kernel: caller _nv000908rm+0x1bf/0x1f0 [nvidia] mapping multiple BARs Jul 3 15:46:21 Tower kernel: nvidia 0000:28:00.0: AMD-Vi: Event logged [IO_PAGE_FAULT domain=0x0012 address=0x73558180 flags=0x0000] Jul 3 15:46:21 Tower kernel: nvidia 0000:28:00.0: AMD-Vi: Event logged [IO_PAGE_FAULT domain=0x0012 address=0x7c557000 flags=0x0000] Jul 3 15:46:21 Tower kernel: NVRM: GPU 0000:28:00.0: RmInitAdapter failed! (0x26:0xffff:1227) Jul 3 15:46:21 Tower kernel: NVRM: GPU 0000:28:00.0: rm_init_adapter failed, device minor number 1 This is probably your issue. Why it's happening I don't know, but it might have to do with virtualisation. If you don't use VM's, try turning off AMD-vi in the bios. Might be called iommu also.
  6. Which unrad version are you running? If you are running the 6.9 beta, try using 6.8.3 if you haven't tested it. If that doesn't work. I don't know what the issue is.
  7. I'm not talking about our documentation, butrhe tvheadend documentation, which is easily found using the help button in the tvheadend webui or using Google.
  8. What does nvidia-smi show if you run that command from command line? Without the 660 in the computer.
  9. You need to read the documentation on how this works as you have not configured it correctly. How do I know this? You don't have the EPG grabber modules tab. So read the documentation or find some guide on the internet for how to set up grabbing. The XML file doesn't go in the /config folder. It goes in /config/data and you use the tv_grab_file grabber. But first read up on how to enable that module in tvheadend.
  10. What does the log say? You also have to connect the EPG data to the channels. It's not always done automatically if the name of the channel in tvheadend and the guide.xml is not the same.
  11. /config/data is inside the container. So the /config folder is the same as /many/user/appdata/tvheadend. You have to add the guide.xml to that folder and then tvheadend adds the guide to it's internal EPG when the tv_grab_file grabber is set to run. You also have to enable it in tvheadend. Did you copy the tv_grab_file in the data folder? That is not needed there.
  12. Huh? Wsl? If you are not running unraid, this is not the correct place for support. Containers running on windows isn't something we really support either. We only test on Linux. So go to our forum or join our discord.