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  1. Hi, I've been looking into this and whilst I don't know the ins or outs or partially understand the merits in relation to performance gains, I found this article helpful. https://doc.opensuse.org/documentation/leap/virtualization/html/book.virt/cha.cachemodes.html
  2. Anybody know what's going off here?? Tried searching the forums but can't find an answer... Diagnostics attached.nas-diagnostics-20181018-1009.zip
  3. leejbarker

    Ubuntu VM install

    I'm having the same issue too... It will install and they start up but when I update it and restart it messes up..
  4. leejbarker

    How to use an unassigned device drive for VMs

    +1 Plus what file system would be best?
  5. leejbarker

    UEFI strategy

    Figured it out, for anyone looking... Main - Flash - Tick Box at the bottom!
  6. leejbarker

    UEFI strategy

    I'm purchasing a UEFI motherboard soon hopefully. What is the procedure for changing the USB?
  7. leejbarker

    Video audio conversion

    Is anyone aware of a plugin or docker that will convert video file's audio? Handbrake doesn't have a video passthrough (apparently it's the number one requested feature, but the developers disagree!). I have a Sonos Playbar and I didn't realise when I purchased it, it only does 5.1 if the audio format is AC3. So I need something that will convert video files to the audio format AC3.
  8. leejbarker

    Certain folders on certain disks

    Or would unraid see it as; /mnt/user/video/tv/nameofshow/season So I'd have to make it 5?
  9. leejbarker

    Certain folders on certain disks

    Excellent - Set it to manual I assume? EDIT having thought about it that wouldn't work... My share is all video so TV shows are /video/tv/nameofshow/season Films are /video/films/ So if I set the split level to auto 3 it will work?
  10. leejbarker

    Additional Scripts For User.Scripts Plugin

    @Squid does it matter if I just change the built-in schedule to Monthly rather than changing the share.cfg file?
  11. I have a Video share and I like to use unBALANCE to spread certain folders to certain disks. Basically, things I like to watch regularly on one disk, partner on another and friends on another. Everything else is shared out by mover in the usual manner. My thoughts around this are to try and share the workload / head movement on the disk if we are all watching separate things. It there any way I can make it so a certain folder always syncs to a certain disk? Including after new media is added to the folder?
  12. leejbarker

    [Plugin] CA Auto Turbo Write Mode

    Ok, out of interest - did the sleep command work at all
  13. leejbarker

    [Plugin] CA Auto Turbo Write Mode

    How did this work for you? I think the to turn TW off you need to set it to md_write_method 0
  14. leejbarker

    [Plugin] CA Auto Turbo Write Mode

    Yes that works perfectly.. no worries
  15. leejbarker

    [Plugin] CA Auto Turbo Write Mode

    Hi, I noticed that it has already been discussed combining Turbo Write and Threshold Mover Script. I can't get the damn thing to work, it just seems to freeze my system for a while. Could someone post the script.txt file to make sure I'm not being an idiot? Thanks