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  1. leejbarker

    [Support] knex666 - FileBrowser

    Setting my connect to Bridge and giving it a port has fixed my external access problems... FYI
  2. leejbarker

    [Support] knex666 - FileBrowser

    Worth adding that to connect you'd have to go {yourip}:{portyourusing}/files For example, my IP is, I've set it to port 8085.. So I use; You can change the default WEB UI address on the docker settings under the advanced view.
  3. leejbarker

    [Support] knex666 - FileBrowser

    Further question... I can't get this to work when I access the NAS from a WAN connection via OpenVPN... Is there anything I can do to make it work... I am attempting to access it the same way I would from the LAN connection....
  4. leejbarker

    [Support] knex666 - FileBrowser

    It's working suddenly.... Haven't got a clue how or why!! Thank you
  5. leejbarker

    [Support] knex666 - FileBrowser

    Going to the web browser says This site can’t be reached took too long to respond. The log states; 2019/03/24 08:37:09 Listening on [::]:80 2019/03/24 08:37:09 Using config file: /.filebrowser.json
  6. leejbarker

    [Support] knex666 - FileBrowser

    Attached is my current config, but when I hit the WEB UI it just says site can not be reached.
  7. leejbarker

    [Support] knex666 - FileBrowser

    Hi knex666... Don't suppose you could provide a little bit more detailed install / conf instructions for the novice pls? No worries if not! Thanks Lee
  8. leejbarker

    Smart Test Fail

    Thank you 👍
  9. leejbarker

    Smart Test Fail

    Hi, Is this anything to worry about? Thanks Lee nas-smart-20190321-1620.zip
  10. leejbarker

    Pause parity check then resume later

  11. Hi, I've been looking into this and whilst I don't know the ins or outs or partially understand the merits in relation to performance gains, I found this article helpful. https://doc.opensuse.org/documentation/leap/virtualization/html/book.virt/cha.cachemodes.html
  12. Anybody know what's going off here?? Tried searching the forums but can't find an answer... Diagnostics attached.nas-diagnostics-20181018-1009.zip
  13. leejbarker

    Ubuntu VM install

    I'm having the same issue too... It will install and they start up but when I update it and restart it messes up..
  14. leejbarker

    How to use an unassigned device drive for VMs

    +1 Plus what file system would be best?
  15. leejbarker

    UEFI strategy

    Figured it out, for anyone looking... Main - Flash - Tick Box at the bottom!