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  1. Further to this, it does seem to be hardware transcoding fine!
  2. HEAD = BLOWN Great work and commitment, thank you.
  3. Got my 1650 Super and prior to this release (of the Unraid / NVIDIA Drivers) I couldn't get it to pass through to my VM. Since this driver release, the card should be supported by the NVIDIA driver. However, under the Info Panel, GPU Model and Bus it just shows as a Graphics Device. I know on my previous card, it had the model number etc. Is something wrong here? I'm going to pull the card out tomorrow and try it in my baremetal windows PC, as it might be a bad card.
  4. Hi, Completely understand you guys do this in your spare time and I really am thankful for your work so far. I've got a 1650 super recently and I'm just wondering when we might see a driver update... Thanks
  5. Actually, mine has stopped working again! It definitely stopped and started working again though, so not sure what's going on here.
  6. It did this to me.... I noticed there was an update for File Browser, updated that and now it works fine.
  7. Setting my connect to Bridge and giving it a port has fixed my external access problems... FYI
  8. Worth adding that to connect you'd have to go {yourip}:{portyourusing}/files For example, my IP is, I've set it to port 8085.. So I use; You can change the default WEB UI address on the docker settings under the advanced view.
  9. Further question... I can't get this to work when I access the NAS from a WAN connection via OpenVPN... Is there anything I can do to make it work... I am attempting to access it the same way I would from the LAN connection....
  10. It's working suddenly.... Haven't got a clue how or why!! Thank you
  11. Going to the web browser says This site can’t be reached took too long to respond. The log states; 2019/03/24 08:37:09 Listening on [::]:80 2019/03/24 08:37:09 Using config file: /.filebrowser.json
  12. Attached is my current config, but when I hit the WEB UI it just says site can not be reached.
  13. Hi knex666... Don't suppose you could provide a little bit more detailed install / conf instructions for the novice pls? No worries if not! Thanks Lee