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  1. You would need to try yourself. Myself I've never noticed performance issues with unraid so I can only speak from my own experience. Currently running the 6.8rc1 with nvidia and it's all good
  2. I always recommend using the SMB connection method with External Storages app.
  3. Unfortunately I'm a firefox user and it's working fine in that.
  4. I can only assume it's something specific to your server. I use TVHeadend daily along with my DigiBit R1 for DVB-S2 and never had an issue.
  5. This looks more like an issue Chrome blocking the invalid cert rather an issue with the docker container.
  6. No. Only fresh installs will pickup v17. Existing issues will get v17 when nextcloud release it to their web updater. They stagger the release for obvious reasons.
  7. @jpowell8672 Checking the nzbhydrav2 change log shows this: So it's an issue with the software itself, not the container. You'll need to find you last working backup and update that.
  8. I would say that your issue isn't a container issue but a bug within unraid 6.5 itself, I would contact lime tech about it or search the forum to see if someone else has had this issue (I suspect someone has).
  9. Update to latest unraid first, then come if you have the same issue.
  10. As per our chat on discord, it was your pihole instance that's causing this problem.
  11. Interesting that Plex needs a specific driver for decode / encode yet emby has been working fine since release.
  12. 1.) you'd have to add this to your local dns server (if you have one setup) 2.) you'd need to read the nginx documentation on how to redirect this.
  13. No, we build each version of unraid with the latest drivers available ( This is all explained in the first post.)