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  1. No because nextcloud designed it in way that won't work with containers.
  2. I don't actually believe AMD provide the same solutions for using their cards within docker like nvidia do.
  3. It's likely nvidia-smi doesn't support the 710.
  4. I suspect your older cards won't support NVENC or NVDEC either so even if you could get it to run on unraid, you wouldn't get transcoding via emby/plex/etc
  5. It could also be the bonding that is causing an issue here. We've never been able to replicate these issues which is why these are the only way's we know to fix it. But it seems like we haven't been able to replicate these issues because no one within the team that uses the nvidia plugin has any 10gbit networking kit or uses bonding (to my knowledge).
  6. This has been mentioned before in this thread many times. The only things we can find that causes this are: pihole (or some network ad blocker) / MTU changed on unraid host (10gbit cards for example) or some other network configuration. We've never been able to replicate these errors within the team.
  7. Has any of your network changed? Do you have 10gbit adapters installed? Do you run pihole? Like @CHBMB mentioned, we are unable to replicate issues with the plugin like this and we all have different network configurations but from previous discussions in this thread it always seems to relate to: MTU or pihole. There is a script a few pages back that will let you download this manually which you can run via ssh.
  8. Have you changed "anything" on your server and/or your network?
  9. It would help if you provided screenshots of your template or provided the docker run command.
  10. Have you had to change any MTU settings or anything? there's not really much else I can suggest looking at. All previous cases of this is there had been some change to a users network.
  11. Have you changed anything else on your network?
  12. Only thing we can suggest is, trying another usb stick? reseat the GPU or use a different PCI-e slot?
  13. You need to edit your template and change the `version` variable to `latest` as it's currently set to `docker` as per your logs.
  14. Connection issues to digitalocean can be caused by multiple things (as already mentioned multi times in this thread) 1. Running pihole as a container? 2. Something changed on your network changed? (MTU) 3. Routing issue between you and digitalocean. When we release new updates, 1/2 people test the files manually then the rest of us use the plugin to check it's working that way and we've not encountered any issues (this is with members different network configurations and locations) Also I believe there is a manual download script somewhere in this thread that can be used to grab the files aswell.