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  1. You need to do what's being done in this picture or read the post right above your one. (Stolen from post further up)
  2. Just configure your DNS to allow you to use your reverse proxy internally? We don't support putting SSL directly on the container.
  3. Please search the thread first. It has already been discussed multiple times. This will only cause issues if you use lua. It's an upstream issue so out of our hands.
  4. Just for comparison, I checked nvidia-smi on my 750ti to see if the high idle was a driver issue but mine is currently idling at 1w:
  5. Or switch to Emby which can decode/encode out the box.
  6. they don't have NVENC anyway so it wouldn't work even if the driver did support them.
  7. Have you thought about reading through the beets documentation? I suspect alot of your questions are covered there. https://beets.readthedocs.io/en/v1.4.7/
  8. You could read about it at their website.. https://grocy.info/
  9. You wouldn't reverse proxy a database connection via a HTTP proxy. Just point your windows application at the firebird SQL port number and away you go.
  10. It clearly states in that chart that gpu doesn't support HEVC. Basically purchase a better card.
  11. The nvidia 710 doesn't seem to have NVENC so it's not going to work / plus not supported by nvidia-smi.
  12. You would have to give that request to the grocy developers directly.
  13. We only do testing when unraid is running on bare metal / host os. I suspect it could be to do with nvidia not liking their cards running in a virtual environment which is why you're getting this issue.