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  1. Network tuners \o/ DVB-T2 = HDHomerun or DVB-S2 = DigitbitR1
  2. This more a jellyfin question than docker question. I'm not a jellyfin or DLNA user, I'd suggest checking their docs seeing why it's doing this.
  3. I suspect it'll be the audio that's getting transcoded via the CPU.
  4. Container path should be `/music/` Host path should be `/mnt/disk2/Music` In jellyfin, you'd then select `/music`
  5. Edit the template and add a `/music` mount and map that to your folder.
  6. No, much like the drivers (as explained in the first post.) We compile this with whatever the latest versions are available.
  7. This is forum is for unraid support only. Please use our discord or discourse for support with our containers on other platforms.
  8. This is a chrome issue not liking the self signed cert that the container generates. Unfortunately I'm not a chrome user so no sure what the fix is. I know there was a user that had the same issue earlier in this thread.
  9. I personally just add the SMB shares via external storages. This is so that the user permissions on each share gets respected.
  10. We've already stated we won't be supporting this container any longer.
  11. It's not like a laptop, where you can ignore the extra screws you've acquired!
  12. I would suggest to ask over at the tvheadend forums, you'll likely get more help about this there. (Are you using unraid btw? Reason I ask, your UID/GID in the logs show 911 which isn't what it should be for containers.)