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  1. Because it's not in the nextcloud container, it's in the mariadb container.
  2. Just to make it clear, if anyone is having issues with the update to the latest version of mariadb. It's due to your database corrupting as your previous container wasn't shutdown cleanly (Something using during an update / automatic updates killing the container early). To recover your database, do the following with -all- containers that use mariadb off: Try the `linuxserver/mariadb:version-110.4.21mariabionic` tag, let everything start up, check the logs to make sure it's all clean, then do `docker exec nextclouddb s6-svc -d /var/run/s6/services/mariadb/` (assuming your container is called nexclouddb, otherwise adjust that appropriately). Wait ~30 seconds and then stop the container and update to latest. If this doesn't work, you will need to restore a working backup.
  3. Rolling back to an older image doesn't mean it's a "fix". You shouldn't have your database containers on auto update. Having a database update while it's beening accessed by X application (in this case nextcloud) is just asking for trouble and likely going to cause corruption or data loss.
  4. Less so benefits for unraid users (x86_64) but better for our armhf / aarch64 users as mariadb don't release up to date versions for those platforms on ubuntu base.
  5. Upgrading to `:latest` will put you on alpine.
  6. Be aware that this will no longer get updates.
  7. Probably best start by providing info on the container - Have you been keeping nextcloud updated within the container? Nginx logs? nextcloud logs?
  8. OpenVPN-AS still gets updated from openvpn itself. The reason we've dropped it is due to the constant band-aid fixes we have to do and something breaks on every update they push out.
  9. We've depreciated the container now so there will be no further updates/changes/support for the container.
  10. The error shouldn't stop the controller from working itself but it's something to wait for unifi to fix.
  11. I would highly suggest users having issues with this find a better solution, as I mentioned here:
  12. We can't fix an isse that's related to upstream.
  13. Some more info on what you've done might help
  14. The well-known info needs to be added to the nextcloud nginx config and not the swag config. We've already updated this and mentioned it in the changelog for nextcloud.
  15. The container was updated a couple hours after it was released
  16. When it's released yes. (And that means when they publish it to their apt-get repo, not just on their forum/blog.)
  17. Unfortunately, the state of this container currently is that it's a lottery if it will work for you. There has been a long standing issue with this container: https://github.com/linuxserver/docker-openvpn-as/issues/113 everything is explained there. In short, if you have issues with this container, I personally would suggest not wasting time on this and finding a better solution.
  18. Yea apologies - we just need to add the additional nginx bits to the site config file. Though if you've done it manually, all good 👍
  19. If it's an existing install, you won't get offered the update until Nextcloud release the OTA's.
  20. Add this to the site config within the nextcloud container. We plan to add this soon.
  21. It's a headless install as in zero display. It's not possible to use vnc with this. What you're seeing is actually the native Kodi webui.
  22. You'll want to be checking your logs. nginx logs within the `/config` mount and also the nextcloud log itself in the root of your `/data` mount. That should give some sort of insight to what's happening.
  23. Looks like someone had the same issue here: https://github.com/nextcloud/mail/issues/2583 Seems related to the Mail app within nextcloud.
  24. The nextcloud web updater should offer you newer versions or you can cli into the container and run `updater.phar`
  25. This is just wrong - it's because you haven't been updating nextcloud within the container. It's our only one that you have to independently update inside the container aswell images.