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  1. Considering airsonic is forked from libresonic, I would suspect that the app just doesn't like network mounted shares.
  2. I might be wrong but if you have both bookstack and mariadb on their on dedicated ip's, there is a docker "security" feature that blocks them talking to each other.
  3. Preview is unsupported. it's a use at own risk.
  4. Check their site at https://www.picons.eu/ You'll probably need to submit them via their github.
  5. You would need to add them upstream (picons.eu) so they get picked up by us. Otherwise, you'll have to re-add them everytime the image updates.
  6. We add all the icons from `https://www.picons.eu/` Though if you want to create your own blank set, create an additional mount for `/picons` on the tvheadend container page and point it to your own folder which will allow you to maintain your own icons. This will obviously not use the included icons.
  7. There's alot of history with our unifi container and to be perfectly honest, unifi aren't known for quality releases. We've already been through the pain of users asking us for a new version that's been released instantly then we'd update them and then we would get complaint's that X/Y/Z wouldn't work. Adding a beta/unstable branch would increase the questions even if we stated we don't give support for it. Abit of back story: https://blog.linuxserver.io/2019/02/18/changes-to-our-unifi-image/
  8. As mentioned a couple posts back, it's an upstream issue with mono6 and duplicati, not with the container.
  9. Actually, the issue is due to the upgrade to mono6 and specifically onedrive. Running latest here no problems with backblaze2 so I think it's unfair for you to make the following comment `For now, this docker will not work for new users using "latest" or old user that upgrade soon.` Right now it only seems to affect onedrive uploading and only 1 other user has reported at duplicati. https://forum.duplicati.com/t/mono-update-breaks-onedrive-v2/7569 This is an upstream issue, Not an container issue.
  10. Change from the `lsiodev/sonarr-preview` to `linuxserver/sonarr:preview`
  11. Pretty sure someone else had this same issue before. Search the thread.
  12. That's because plex doesn't take full advantage of the GPU yet, it only uses NVENC, not NVDEC. So the decoding get's done via the CPU. Plus audio is done via the CPU too.
  13. Are you copy/pasting stuff from the forum to setup these variables? that can cause issues.
  14. is this variable correct? seems like it isn't.
  15. We only build releases with the current version of nvidia driver available. If you want to roll back drivers, you'll need to roll back the unraid build, though this isn't something we recommend or support for obvious reasons.
  16. Do you have the `/tmp` mounted on the container?
  17. eh, other than the fact they've dropped support for 5.9...lol they only support 5.6 or 5.10
  18. Have you been updating Nextcloud within the container?
  19. If you read back through the thread, you'll find everyone else gets this error and you'll also find it's harmless.
  20. No, we only use the current version at the time of building.
  21. ETA is when it's ready. Rolling back will be the same way as you install any release.
  22. Pretty sure it's 404'ing because we haven't released unraid DVB package for 6.7.2 yet.....