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  1. Wait, penny just dropped, I've been looking at the default file for letsencrypt, not nextcloud itself. Get into the container of letsencrypt and see if you can `ping nextcloud`.
  2. Ok, well looking at your default file, you've added a ton of stuff that isn't need. Confused why you've done that and used the subdomain proxy config aswell. You need to use the supplied default file, you've removed the bit that tell's nginx to use the proxy-conf.
  3. 502 usually means it can't communicate with the container. Is the nextcloud container still on the same custom bridge network as your letsencrypt container?
  4. I only ever recommend network tuners these days. It takes away alot of the stress of getting stuff like this configured, granted it does cost more but in the long run it's much more hassle free. I used to run PCI-e for my DVB-T2/DVB-S2 setup, now I just use a network tuner (Digitbit R1) which TVHeadend controls.
  5. This thread is for users who need support on unraid. Please use our forum or discord for support.
  6. Tested / updated to rc5 myself yesterday and it worked fine. Sounds like the plugin didn't finish downloading the files. Please try it again and check the plugin shows all the files completed.
  7. This needs to be reported upstream to jellyfin then.
  8. Could be a corrupted database? restore a backup of your appdata and see what happens.
  9. You're best to report this upstream to Ombi direct.
  10. When I wrote the article, I'm purely talking about the nextcloud container, Nothing else.
  11. For the time being, we only use the current latest driver that's available at build time.
  12. FWIW - I personally recommend network tuners to anyone asking me about DVB card these days. No need to worry about drivers compiling etc.
  13. If you wish to update via the webui, you have to wait for NextCloud to roll it out to you. (It's staggered for obvious reasons) There are instructions on the first post on how to update manually.
  14. I believe this could happen with Emby as you can select multiple transcoders but plex just uses either one or the other. From our testing of VM's using GPU's that are assigned to containers, we found it locked up it up.
  15. You would need to try yourself. Myself I've never noticed performance issues with unraid so I can only speak from my own experience. Currently running the 6.8rc1 with nvidia and it's all good
  16. I always recommend using the SMB connection method with External Storages app.
  17. Unfortunately I'm a firefox user and it's working fine in that.
  18. I can only assume it's something specific to your server. I use TVHeadend daily along with my DigiBit R1 for DVB-S2 and never had an issue.
  19. This looks more like an issue Chrome blocking the invalid cert rather an issue with the docker container.
  20. No. Only fresh installs will pickup v17. Existing issues will get v17 when nextcloud release it to their web updater. They stagger the release for obvious reasons.