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  1. @jpowell8672 Checking the nzbhydrav2 change log shows this: So it's an issue with the software itself, not the container. You'll need to find you last working backup and update that.
  2. I would say that your issue isn't a container issue but a bug within unraid 6.5 itself, I would contact lime tech about it or search the forum to see if someone else has had this issue (I suspect someone has).
  3. As per our chat on discord, it was your pihole instance that's causing this problem.
  4. Interesting that Plex needs a specific driver for decode / encode yet emby has been working fine since release.
  5. 1.) you'd have to add this to your local dns server (if you have one setup) 2.) you'd need to read the nginx documentation on how to redirect this.
  6. No, we build each version of unraid with the latest drivers available ( This is all explained in the first post.)
  7. afaik SQLite has always been an option within nextcloud but they don't recommend it for anything other than testing.
  8. No we don't include MariaDB within the container. He must be using the default sqlite for nextcloud (Though even they don't recommend it for production use)
  9. It's already been mentioned in this thread multiple times that this is nothing to worry about.
  10. Think you need to set your IP here. The second issue is caused by a security "feature" of docker.
  11. Yea no worries - I've always ran PiHole/Adguard on a dedicated Pi aswell so never had this issue.
  12. I believe the issue is actually when you run PiHole as a container with it's own IP, there are docker security features that stop docker macvlan IP's communicating with each other. So when you have Letencrypt on it's own net and Pihole on it's own ip, if unraid it setup to check pihole for dns, letsencrypt is able to talk to pihole. I always suggest to people if their wanting to run pihole/adguard on your network, run it from a dedicated device.
  13. It's an unraid issue, not a problem with the container. Check the stable bug reports forum.
  14. Unraid Update / Docker Hub issues - unrelated to our containers.
  15. I've seen a comment from someone on our discord that it could be an AWS issue.
  16. We've not changed anything with our repo's. We've just had someone mention in our discord there could be AWS issues which might explain why the unraid update checker thinks there is an update.
  17. The only thing I can think of is something has changed at docker hub which is causing unraid's update checker to think there is an update. We've not changed our release workflow since we implemented pipeline (6 months ago).
  18. FWIW, I checked our containers that I run on my own server, when updating them one by one the update notification went away. I was discussing this with @urbanracer34 last night and it seems it could be an error with the "update all containers button".