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  1. Ombi is free, so you haven't paid for the app. If you mean that you donated to the ombi devs, that's not the same as paying for an app. As for a beta version, I'm not sure if we have one. You can check the github link in the first post and see if there is a tag for beta.
  2. Stop stealing movies then until 6.8 is out.
  3. Read the Readme on github. Link in the first post.
  4. Then follow the guide you used to set it up and change the IP where it's needed.
  5. How do you connect to nextcloud? By IP or domain through reverse proxy? If you use domain, there is a setting in nextcloud of I remember correctly. Think it's /config/www/nextcloud/config/config.php If you used IP to connect to mariadb, this also needs to be fixed, but I don't know how.
  6. That all depends on how you connect to the VM. There isn't any limitations in unraid regarding this.
  7. You didn't use the same volume mapping on our container as you did on the LimeTech one. If you still have a backup of the appdata from the old container, it's probably best to delete ours and the appdata folder for it and start again, but with the correct volume mapping.
  8. As long as you leave the server on all the time, yes.
  9. Are you using https? Hard to say what is wrong when you haven't told us your setup. And this should probably be in the letsencrypt thread. Did you use the config that is supplied with letsencrypt?
  10. You just point the site conf or reverse proxy conf to the ip:port of your mail server. You only need to have the containers in the same bridge if you use the name.
  11. There is no way to keep the driver version. It's pulling the latest driver at the time of build.
  12. Why are you tagging me? If I had the answer I would have answered.
  13. You need to change the port in the webui also.
  14. There is a new method to bind to the vfio module. It's documented in the 6.7 release thread. Even if there are multiple devices with the same ID, you can still bind it as described in the wiki. For some reason the method in the wiki doesn't work for everyone, so u raid added an alternative method.
  15. https://docs.nextcloud.com/server/13/admin_manual/configuration_server/security_setup_warnings.html#your-web-server-is-not-set-up-properly-to-resolve-well-known-caldav-or-well-known-carddav
  16. First hit if you Google that error tells you what to do.
  17. I'm a little bit confused about what you mean. In unraid, you don't need to to bind the GPUs to vfio as unraid doesn't load any modules for the cards (Unless you boot in gui mode). So when you add a VM, all GPUs should be available in the GPU section of the VM template. They do not appear in the other pic devices at the bottom of the template if that is what you think.
  18. I would like to blame @Squid but unfortunately I can't. Actually I can, as the problem is in CA, so he probably changed the number in the link 😜
  19. We did it so we don't get so many questions... I have no idea what happened, but this is nothing we have done. Might be it was this thread @trurl merged with another thread and it got a new number. I'll change the template to the new one. Thanks for the info.
  20. To update plex itself, it's enough to restart the container. Updating the container will only get the latest public version. Be sure to set the correct variable for version to get the latest update that you are entitled to.
  21. A GTX 960 should work, so there might be something else at play.
  22. As I said earlier, check the github or docker hub link in the first post for valid tags. If it ain't there, we don't have it. There is no 5.10 only tag, but we version all releases we do, so that mean there will still be a tag for 5.10.something. And you find those on docker hub, hence the reason I asked you to check it earlier.
  23. Did I say it was wrong? I was only trying to understand what you were asking. Your first post just asks if 5.10 tag work. If you look at the dockerhub link in the first post you will see the tags for specific versions that we have. As @bonienl says, the latest tag was 5.10, but is now 5.11.