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  1. You can thank ubiquiti for this. They released 6.2.23 and then pulled it. You should never have unifi-controller on auto-update in my opinion.
  2. It's not us that pulls in the wrong ffmpeg. It's a dependency of Jellyfin and gets chosen by the Jellyfin deb as the specific version they want. So you have to ask Jellyfin to fix that.
  3. Which instructions are you talking about? Use a stable release instead of an RC release of you have issues.
  4. Our containers are not multi user. Why not set up multiple containers?
  5. It does work. You guys are not posting enough information to find out what is the issue.
  6. You don't need to add any certs in Plex, that is the point with using a reverse proxy.
  7. That is the default path for the log file. The firs hit on Google tells you how you can change the path.
  8. Even if you use cache: yes, the files will be moved to the array. What exactly is it that is written in your /data mount that you mean should go in /config? The more info you provide, the easier it is to help. And also post the docker run command.
  9. Why do you need multiple ports? The container can't handle multiple users, so I don't see the value. If you read aptalcas comment, you can see that you can do this with the customizing option we have in our containers.
  10. It can't. Setup multiple containers if you want more servers.
  11. Has that been reported to us before? The big you linked to is in the snipe-it repo and we don't follow issues there.
  12. It's not in our documentation and I can't remember having it there either.
  14. 3.0.1? That's what we are building, so you should get that. If you want a beta release, then we don't build that.
  15. Yes, the context path was added back to your airsonic template. Remove it and it will work again.
  16. Where did you get the http and https proxy env variables from? That's not something from our container.
  17. You haven't said what the problem is, just that it's similar and you get the error message when you try to connect. You can't access nextxloud? If you remove and install the container you will still have the database as the appdata folder is not deleted when removing a container. If you want to set up a new database using the same settings you did for the current one, just stop mariadb and delete the appdata folder for mariadb and start the container again. That will get you a clean database. If you do this, you will have to set up nextxloud again also as the setti
  18. Please post the docker run command so we can see the full picture.
  19. Sorry, I don't know how to fix that problem. You are inside the mariadb container when executing the command?
  20. Also set the version variable to docker, or else Plex will be updated on the next restart of the container.
  21. If it's not listed under mods in the readme, there are none.
  22. A little late to the party, but you made two users with the same name, only difference was the difference in capital letters. If you look in the picture of your /data folder you can see that all user folders are in small letters, so that will be a problem. As for the issue athat there are no folders in the share you chose for /data when installing it fresh, that sounds like you didn't set the path to /data when you went through the installer. Do you see the folders if you check the directory inside the container?
  23. Then it's probably a corrupt database. How that happened is hard to say. It could be a forced shutdown of the container.
  24. Have you tried using a previous tag? There are only dependencies updated in the latest build 2 days ago.