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  1. This is basic docker stuff. I suggest you read the docker faq to learn about the basics of docker. /config inside the container is the appdata folder on the host side (unraid). So /config/cache inside the container is /whatever_you_mapped_as_appdatafolder/cache on Unraid. Probably /mnt/cache/appdata/jellyfin/
  2. That depends on what you want with you from the old setup. Of you want the watched status and all settings, then copy the appdata from the old container. If you don't mind setting all settings again and either don't care about watched status or use trakt to sync it (if there is plugin for plex), then start fresh.
  3. Which problem are you referring to? if it's the issue with the onlyoffice or what the name of the new built in stuff is, then the problem is nextcloud as they just slapped on a static built binary that is only usable on glibc systems and isn't arm compatible either. So not much we can do about it. I don't know what the Nextcloud guys was thinking when they did that.
  4. You need to post the docker run command so we can see which folder you are mapping. With the info you posted, we can only guess.
  5. Try to run this command and see if it works after that. docker exec -it ddclient chown abc:abc /ddclient.conf For some reason the config file is owned by root. Have to check if that is something we did.
  6. It's not something we can do anything about. It has to do with some databases not liking fuse file systems.
  7. Please post your docker run command and also the output of the command docker exec -it ddclient ls -al /ddclient.conf
  8. The error message says what your issue is. You can't jump from 16 to 18. You have to go from 16 to 17. Then 17 to 18.
  9. The older version probably works as it might have been on your system still. Nothing have changed in the build system recently as far as I know. Have you tried rebooting your server and then update again?
  10. Plex changed something in the packaging and it failed to install when we build, so that might be the issue. Post the container log and we can see what is happening.
  11. You edit the template for openvpn-as and change your appdata path where it says /mnt/user/whatever_your_share_is/openvpn-as to /mnt/cache/whatever_your_share_is/openvpn-as You have to click "Show more settings" to see it.
  12. I have no issues here updating airsonic. So this might be a issue related to your configuration. What is your docker run commands for them?
  13. Try using /mnt/cache/ instead of /mnt/user/ for the appdata. Also post the container log.
  14. I'm not sure what you are asking here. You first talk about media content, then about metadata. Are you trying to use the config from the official emby container?
  15. No need to apologize. I didn't see the Movies part 🙂
  16. You can just use the webui link on the docker page. That takes you to the admin page at, which is the correct address.
  17. That isn't really something we can say as he writes both Movies and movies in his post.
  18. Which address are you using to access it?
  19. Probably better to ask on the tvheadend forum.
  20. By creating a folder on a disk you have also created a user share. So if you make the same folder on two disks, you will have all the content in one share. Let's take your movie folders. That is a share that everything on all disks with that folder name is included. If you choose /mnt/user/movies as the host path and /movies as a container path, everything on all disks, having the movie folder, will be seen by the container in the /movie folder.
  21. Good to hear you managed to migrate to this one. Thank you very much for the donation. Much appreciated!
  22. I'm sorry, but this is not the fault of the plugin. The plugin is just a frontend to the new bind method added to unraid. If you would have edited the config file yourself, the same would happen. This method uses the PCI number and will most likely change if you rearrange hardware. You can't use both the PCI number and the device ID with this method. I don't see how binding the cache drive to vfio corrupted your cache drive either. It's simply just binding the device to a dummy driver so it's not used by anything else.
  23. If you look at our blog post about modifying our containers, you can add the cron tab file at each boot of the container so that it is persistent over updates. The downside of that is you will loose any updates we do regarding the cronjob. You can modify the root file in /etc/crontabs/ and set the time to when your container runs.
  24. If you turn off your server at night the certs will not renew. Tha cron job is run at 2 in the night. Have you checked in the browser that the current cert is expiring?