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  1. Anyone have any insight on this - I feel like I'm missing something stupid, or I've got the configuration all wrong - here is the output when I 'successfully' authenticate to the portal. After this nothing happens when the config is set as shown below: If I set the policy to bypass I pass right through to the redirected site, but as soon as I set the policy to two_factor it just reloads the page and the log shows Credential validation is okay. The page is waiting for something but just reloads. I can not seem to get it to pass over to Duo for MFA.
  2. saarg, thanks for the reply! I am still getting a 502 error when using the reverse proxy, I feel like it has something to do with the listening port for the HTTP as the logs still show: 'info HTTP server listening on' which is not the port that the container should be using, which is why i'm thinking its hard coded into the application/docker itself. I had to do something similar with Wiki.js under config.yaml when Rocket.Chat took over port 3000 I had to update the port (outside of the initial container config) in order to get the reverse proxy runn
  3. How do you change the HTTP Server listening port if we are using that port for something else. You would think (based on the logs) it would be in the config.yaml but I cant find anything? From the Logs: nano on terminal for config.yaml [~./config/code-server/config.yaml] have tried sudo nano and just nano. I have tried changing port 8080 to the new port i'm trying to use (dumb I know, but it was worth a shot [figured 8080/http lol]...) Forgive me not very fluent in Linux / Docker yet. As a side note why cant I see /config/