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Windows 10 VM "Cannot reset device"


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So I had unRAID setup well with the following hardware:

  • Gigabyte h170n-wifi
  • i7 6700K
  • 16GB


I have been running unRAID 6.3.3 on a trial license for the past 10 days making sure it works for me before I dive in.  Last night I performed the update to 6.3.4, for no apparent reason, but to keep up with releases and I had a message in unRAID telling me so.

This morning however, my main Windows 10 VM which was using Intel integrated graphics and Intel onboard audio, had the audio just stop working.  All it says is in Windows is the device cannot start.  In the VM logs it sats the following:


2017-05-24T02:19:25.679624Z qemu-system-x86_64: vfio: Cannot reset device 0000:00:1f.3, no available reset mechanism.
2017-05-24T02:19:25.679737Z qemu-system-x86_64: vfio: Cannot reset device 0000:00:1f.3, no available reset mechanism.

I did some searching but could not find a way to "reset" the device which I assume would put it back into working order.


I have stubbed the systemlinux.cfg file with

label unRAID OS
  menu default
  kernel /bzimage
  append vfio-pci.ids=8086:a170 modprobe.blacklist=i2c_i801,i2c_smbus initrd=/bzroot

Here is a section of my device list, which shows the audio device I'm trying to reach

IOMMU group 8
	[8086:a144] 00:1f.0 ISA bridge: Intel Corporation Sunrise Point-H LPC Controller (rev 31)
	[8086:a121] 00:1f.2 Memory controller: Intel Corporation Sunrise Point-H PMC (rev 31)
	[8086:a170] 00:1f.3 Audio device: Intel Corporation Sunrise Point-H HD Audio (rev 31)
	[8086:a123] 00:1f.4 SMBus: Intel Corporation Sunrise Point-H SMBus (rev 31)


I backed up my unRAID usb drive, wiped it and reloaded 6.3.3 which still did not make a difference. I even made a new VM from scratch to see if that would resolve.  Nothing has brought back the audio.


This is my first post here so far, as I've been able to piece together what I've needed to get everything running in regards to passthrough and Skylake CPU's.  So if there is additional information needed from config files let me know and I'll post them.


Kind of at whits end on this one and I was really enjoying unRAID. Hoping some folks around here have faced the same issue or similar and have some other suggestions for me to try.

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