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Upgrading dual parity


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There are several options:


Option 1 - One at a time. Advantage is you maintain parity protection and array remains operational throughout, albeit at degraded performance


You would replace one of the parity drive like you would any other drive to upsize it.


After it completes, you'd do the other one.


Option 2 - Both at once. Advantage is speed, but if a drive fails you could loose data. Could use method in option 3 (maintenance mode and config file backup) to maintain ability to roll back.


Not 100% sure, but I think you'd literally replace both drives at once and unRAID would rebuld them both.


Option 3 - Both at once, add existing drives as data drives

- Stop array and backup config directory (array must be stopped)

- Do a new config, assigning 10T parity disks to parity slots, all other disks, and 8T disks as data disks

Option 3a - preserve recoverability

- Start array in maintenance mode

- Parities will build

- When complete, stop array and restart in regular mode

- If there is a drive failure while building, stop array, restore backup config directory, reboot, and you'll be back where you started with 8T drives as parity

Option 3b - continue to use array

- Start array in regular mode

- Parities will build

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