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DVB-T2 Hauppauge WinTV-Quad -- Signal issues mainly


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I wanted to post incase anyone else had tried this card, I'm not really finding anything interesting when I google the card. Thinking of returning it.

Card = Hauppauge WinTV-Quad HD Digital TV Tuner


Started using DVB-T &T2 USB tuners to test TVHeadend before moving over to an S2 Octo card and T2 Quad card. The USB tuners were mostly OK on my original aerial, I did have some dropouts but I could relate them to weather. However on the Quad Tuner this was much worse.


Few things I've noticed.

Generally it works OK on a reboot of the full system.

2 out of 4 Tuners report better signal than the others. -75d/-76db/-83db/-85db for example.  ( I know these numbers can't really be trusted but the USB tuner using same chipset reported -55db to -65db)


Replaced aerial and now the quad tuner reports between -45db and -60db (I need to check the USB tuner but it was slightly better than this and thats OK because the card has a 4way splitter built in, I expect some loss)


However I'm still getting dropouts, I can see the signal reported as been reasonable figures based history of what works/does not work and the SNR looks improved compared to prior to the aerial upgrade.


This was all on the DVB Unraid with Open source drivers.


Now switched over to Crazycat


2 out of 4 tuners report -50db signal

2 out of 4 tuners report -110db of signal.


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